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>Are you ready to rumble?!?!


>Well no not really, I never was a great fan of those 2 geordies, but I couldn’t think of a cool thing to write as the title.

So with the run being in 4 weeks time the Great Run people send out emails to suggesting that now is the time to find out & test if you’re fit enough to take part…

Err probably is my reply! They suggest that if you cannot comfortably run 6k by now & feel like you could still keep going at the end then, you might not be quite fit enough to do the full 10k on the big day… sensible stuff really, no one wants lots of lazy bones filling up the street and causing further obstacles for the other runners!

well, I’m knackered after this weekend, with just me & my daughter at home yesterday & a full shift today in the new shop, so I’m going to skive till Tuesday & see what time I can waddle around in then. Honest.

>Stuff you knew already…


Dating scan
So it’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything here…

Rest assured I haven’t given up on the whole running thing, although it’s starting to get a whole lot slower!

So in the week I was registering for the Great Manchester Run, I was also about 2 weeks into growing my 2nd baby.

So since the last post in Feb, there’s been all kinds of life changing drama, well no, but it’s a blog, drama sounds better than the reality.

I’m still doing the run, in oooh look 26 days (yikes), but the midwives & doctors said I could take it slowly, VERY slowly, and all will be fine.

I must admit that my running is more of a slow jog or fast walk, at the moment, and well, it’s only going to get slower, but hey, speed isn’t the point, it’s the gettign up off my lardy bottom & moving.

So yeah! Double Yeah! With added Yikes, for the fast arriving dates!
(16th May – Run & 24th Sept due date)

>DAY 13 – 5KM (37:20)


>PHEW! That was hard work, but fun.
Ok, so I didn’t run all or it. I did 4 intevals, and I walked approx 1.1K of the whole 5.
The whole distance went like this;
Ran – 1K – Felt horrible, got jumped on, twice, by an excited dog & had to run up a hill!
Walk – 300m
Ran – 700m – in hindsight probably could have pushed myself and gone a bit further, but that Dog had lapped me & was comming back for more
Walk – 400m
Ran 1.2K –  this was great,
Walk – 400m
Ran the Final Kilometer, buy kept counting down the final meters, and it started to rain pretty much as soon as this interval began…. but Lance Armstrong told me how great my workout was once I completed it! (thanks to Nike+ the last time it was back in Decemeber, when Paula Radcliffe told me my training was going well! Obviolusly this is a pre recorded thing an a feature of the Nike+ gizmo, but it still makes me smile even more when they pop up & cheer you on!)

I actually punched the air once I completed the 5K, I was well chuffed with myself.

Then I almost had to run to nursery to pick up my daughter from nursery!

>Day 10 – 3.34KM (29:38 min)


>Todays running, My Better was better than “your” Better.

so I’ve probably mentioned the Yellow Gate. Reaching the Yellow Gate is the start of the run, this ends my warm up & is the point where I get my wiggle on.
It’s 700m from the Yellow Gate to the Rose Garden… That was my better.
Today contained 2 sets of “from the Yellow Gate…”
2nd time round My Better is Better than the old better – 900m continuous pace run. 

Sorry, check out the vid below, if you wander what’s spawned all the silly and daft “My better…” 


>DAY 8 – 5.14KM (40:11 min)


>Today’s run contained 2 sets of 700m straight runs! One at the start and then one to end.

there’s this yellow gate where I start my run & I’ve been trying to get as far as possible from it as I can, it’s almost 700m to the rose garden from the yellow gate.

On the way out I did it with a pace of 5:46, on the way back I did it at about 6:40.

Not record breaking either way, and the average pace for the whole 5K was about 8:02.

but given that I’m only on Day 8 here, I think that’s not too bad!

My Heart Research UK vest arrived today!! will get a snazzy picture asap!
Rest day tomorrow. I feel like I need it!

>DAY 7 4.28K (35:55 min)


>There’s something cool about running a route and getting further than you normally get, in a quicker time!

Alright, so I’m still a little of a snot monster. But at least I actually ran today, the total distance was also the furthest I ran in a very long time. Not far off 5km, hopefully tomorrow I’ll crack it.

I’m getting an average pace of about 8:30 per Km. So I guess I’m looking at a 10Km race of about 1 hour 20min!

>DAY 6 – 3.43KM (31:36 min)


>Running with snot dripping out my face seems to be my weakness, tonight was more of a walk than a run.

I’ve downloaded the podrunner interval workouts, with the varied BPM, and it was working until i just couldn’t function and had to slow to more of a walk / power walk type speed.

I’m afraid the music is a bit mindless for me, I do like dirty metal, but the BPM works quite well & helped keep a steady pace. Unfortunately I’m not musically inclined enough to mix my own, & may just have to stick with this. But that’s not too bad, anything that drowns out the sound of my panting & puffing as a jog on is a winner in my book.

>I’ve said at least 12, how many have you?


This is a Nike Ad, from about 2 years ago…
Too cold is in there, so I got my bottom off the couch, stepped away from the hummous, and went for a quickie

DAY FIVE – 1KM (probably) (10min)
This run sucked…
I went to the Gym, and nearly killed myself slipping on the ice, lost my Nike+ gizmo on the way, and hated every second of running on the treadmill, and then sulked all the way back home.

Thankfully tomorrow is a rest day.

oh, and;
I’ve got shin splints
I’m exerting myself too much
I’ve got a case of the Mondays, the Tuesdays, the Wednesdays.
I wanna do something else
After New Years
I might make a mistake
I fell bloated
I have gas
My blister hurts
My tummy hurts
Its not in my genes
Im not the athletic type
I dont wanna slow you down
I think ill sit this one out
I´m too weak / too slow / too big

I ate too much for breakfast
I´ve got a headache
It´s raining
My dog is sick
I can´t right now
Not inspired
It makes me smell bad

I´m allergic to this stuff
I´m fat 
I´m thin
It´s too hot
It’s too cold

what’s the excuse for my next run?