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Wow, I’m weak!


This morning I ventured away from the cardio machines, my safe area of cross trainers and treadmills, and over into the area of the gym I like to call “the BEEFCAKE area. Mostly populated by guys all looking in the mirror & not moving more than their arm. It’s ok, I was accompanied by a gym instructor, so they couldn’t kick me out & weren’t allowed to point at the ginger woman trying to do press ups, and failing. Miserably.
My total number of press ups was ONE, and then I failed and fell onto the mat.
I also used some weights and other equipment, and have come to the conclusion that I am terribly terribly weak. All the arm and upper body things were near impossible.

The good thing here is that now I have a starting point. I know that I am making progress as soon as I manage more than 1 press up in a row. Easy & obvious goals!
The one thing I didn’t try, and want to, is pull ups. The plan is to sneak into the gym early on Wednesday and try. Hopefully I’ll manage one.

>4.25mi 1hr 3 min


>This was a great run. Not because I left a grumpy baby, whiney toddler & a just as grumpy dad at home, that just made the quiet a little sweeter.
No, this was a great run because of many other reasons, I’ll list them for you;

1) I ran faster for longer, I didn’t maintain the pace all the way, but it was the furthest I’ve pushed it, EVER EVER EVER!
2) I ran further than I have since May 2010!
3) I ran up a hill & didn’t slow or stop at the top!
4) I made up the route & it was the perfect length!
5) I felt great 90% of the way around!
6) I had a banana instead of Milky Way, when I got home!

Oh I could go on & on, and then on a bit more.
It was a day later than scheduled, but I’m glad I waited. I’ve been suffering from some nasty kind of cold, that’s knocked me sideways. The fact that I can’t have any drugs, because I’m breastfeeding, didn’t improve my Get Well Soon mood. So there’s been four days this week where I haven’t been able to talk, and a few more where I feel like I’ve had some small creature burrowing in through my skull.

I’m concerned that I don’t feel any kind of sore legs today, in fact I’m felling pretty damn good. (mostly owing to the fact I can put my pants on without undoing buttons, this means I need new pants & am not as fat as I was last time I wore them.) Perhaps this means I could have ran even more? Or am I just being all YEHAA! now I’m starting to feel like a real runner, not some flabby girl joggling about her neighbourhood?

>Targets times, training & tempo


>Right, this is the post where I throw down some numbers & spend the next few months sweating & puffing & panting & swearing, certainly swearing, to get them.

So through some sort of insanity gripped moment yesterday morning I booked my place in the RunLiverpool Marathon, not only did I book a marathon place I booked myself in the 4hr group. There was method to this madness, I used to do quite a few 25 mile walks / marches as a nipper, they took between 6 & 8 hours, and everyone knows running is twice as fast as walking. Right?)
After a long shower & a goodnights sleep I wake up & start to realise that this may perhaps be a bit ambitious…
On the other hand I have just about 6 months to train for it, and if I’m honest my current running is about 50% walking at the moment, so doubling my pace, means actually running all the time.

Cathy, JogBlog on twitter, and of course author of Jog Blog, pointed me in the direction of Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training Schedules and they seem quite simple & straight forwards, as she said on twitter, they have non of the faffy 8x200m tempo rubbish, the sort of stuff I’m guaranteed not to actually do.
So the 18 week program has been logged into my Google calendar (see over there at the top right?)

But before those 18 weeks of swearing stupidity, I have the Great Manchester 10k. As I’ve quite normally booked myself into the 1hr slot for this, I’m not too worried. After yesterday afternoons run, I just have 12 weeks to double my speed & fitness to reach that goal.
I’ve found a training plan on the Nike+ site that schedules in a few 8 mile runs, and ends nicely with a 10k, so that’s been plugged into the google calendar, and it fits almost perfectly into the time I have, with about a week between the 10k & the 18 Week countdown. perhaps during this week off I’ll eat cake & beer? Probably not.

To be honest I’ve been looking at the pace calculator things you can find online & I’m a bit frightened by the pace they keep throwing out at me. But they are just numbers and I feel like I have nothing to relate them too. So I’m 50/50 on going to go out tonight & doing a mile at the marathon pace, just to put something real behind the figures I keep seeing. And possibly motivate myself to step away from OHMYGODWHATHAVEIDONE?! edge. I know there are a lot of strategies when running marathons, I keep reading things about splits & there are a few calculators that will give you a differing pace for each mile, letting you tailor it to a fast start or sprint finish, but I’m just aiming for an over all steady pace. At least I am right now, I haven’t even gotten my trainers on yet!

Anyway I digress…


            Target          dream  / real   / settle for
Manchester 10k        50min / 55min / 60min

Liverpool Marathon  4 hrs / 4:30 hrs / 5 hrs

Wish me luck?!

>Do Not Run When You Can’t Breath – 1.13K


It’s honestly more like 300m… stop… wheeze… stagger about a bit… walk… wheeze… give up… stumble home. Seriously I should never have gone out.
But I did, mostly because I was about to pull out my own hair. Honestly how hard can it be to teach your daughter how to use the toilet?! It’s becoming a war of attrition, who can last longer, her refusal to do it & my refusal to let her be lazy & have bloody pull up nappies.*

So I went out, with a completely blocked up nose, and a cough, ran & stumbled about & then came home and finaly stopped wheezing about 9pm. Stupid me.

* there’s no health issue here. I hate the nappies, please don’t worry about my little girl, she fine!

>Splutter – 3.2k (35:20)


>URgh it rained on me & I nearly died!

Yup, that was a difficult * ahem * run. And yes I was beeped by a mystery person in a little 2 seater Audi, yet no one has owned up to the beeping! I like the suggetion that perhaps I pulled whilst out running, I’m a hot (& sweatty) mamma!

I took a different route & just aimed to beat my last trip out, and I just happened to do that just before the rain poured down! Phew

>If I don’t get out this house I’m a gonna kill – 2.81KM (32:27 min)



Screen shot from the Nike+ GPS app
Well, all I can say is I lasted the recomended 6 weeks. Almost.
I know, it’s nothing like the 6 MONTHS the phisiotherapist recomended I wait, but I swear someone would have lost an eye or a limb if I didn’t get out of the house. 
I was trying to wait, but this cold wet November evening I couldn’t take it any longer and put my trainers on and ran. Sorta. I more jogged till I wanted to walk, walked for a bit then jogged a bit more then spluttered along trying to look a little fitter than I am and returned to a walking pace. I guess you can tell that by the fact it took me 30+ min to get less than 3KM! Still it’s a start, and if I ever needed proof of the stress busting results from running then this was it!
I’m going to do more on Tuesday. I just need to work out how to fit it into my hectic schedule, I may have to go at the crack of dawn, after the Little Lads 5am feed. Yikes.

I previously ran with a Nike+ gizzmo but since I upgraded my phone and it now has the GPS, I invested £1.79 in the Nike+ GPS app…

All I can say is this: I’m annoyed. The app seems to work just as well as the £20 kit, and it’s almost impossible to loose (I have lost a fair few phones in my time) and only costs £1.79… think of all the lattes I could have had!

I have only used it once, so it’s possible that it was a fluke & the app is a load of rubbish, so give it a couple of runs & I’ll let you know. But for now it seems good.

>2.03KM (36 min) & a clever Baby


>Just a Thursday afternoon waddle around the local park really.

My little baby really has turned up the wiggle factor by about 10, and a stroll out in the sun we’ve got seems to send the little blighter to sleep!

I also found the following article, through Twitter I think, from Natural News.
Granted it’s a bit old, September 2009, but I like what it says…

“Children whose mother exercised 30 minutes a day score around eight points higher on standard IQ tests than children whose mothers were more sedentary,” says psychologist Richard E. Nisbett, author of Intelligence and How to Get It.

But best of all I like the closing statement

“The mother is the most important IQ agent here,” he said. “In families dominated by a father, there are higher mathematical skills but that’s all we contribute, I’m afraid.”

So there we go. It’s all down to the mummy, like we didn’t know it already!I’m glad I’m getting up off my bottom and doing a bit of waddling about.
 I’m certain that moving about more this pregnancy, compared with my last has made it better for me.
I certainly haven’t had quite so many aches and pains as I did last time, and while I’ve had *ahem* slower digestion (if you get my jist) I’m sure it’d be slower & more painful.
And while I can’t yet tell how clever my little wiggler is I’m certain the exercise is as much benefit for the both of us.

Meanwhile I must thank John, Maggs & Thomas who donated to Heart Research UK last night. The current total is £120 (including Gift Aid).


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>10km (43 min)



That’s the time that Paula Radcliffe did her 10km when 6 months pregnant in 2006!
I doubt I’ll pull a time like that out the bag, but it’s food for thought. I’m not & never have been as fit as she was & will most definitely be Jogging & walking the route next week, I think I’m going to aim for a target time of double Paula’s

so there we have it target time of

1hour & 26 mins!

To hit that I’m going to need a pace of 8:36 through out, so I think I’ll have a ferret about for the Nike+ gizmo & see if I can waddle around abit and handle the speed!

(i’ve been casually mooching about at pace of around 11+ So stand by for a swift retraction!

oh and have I mentioned that you can sponsor me?? (hint hint)


>6km (1hr :07 min)


>You know I think I’ve lost my Nike+ gizmo, so the distance was worked out with Google map & the time was done via the timer on my phone. Yeah Dead accurate I know, but I’m on a tight schedule here I just need to move my bottom & get these KM done so I’ve got time to not be red faced & huffy when I get to nursery. Well, less huffy & red.

took me just over an hour to Jog / walk around the 6k, giving a pace of around 11 min. Not going to put me at the start of the pack is it?!

So it’s quite weird doing all running & stuff when you don’t quite balance the way you thin you should! and I’ll admit I’m much slower than I could go,but then if I’m out of breath then Jelly bean is out of breath & I really don’t want that to happen.

Yes it feels a bit gutting to have flogged myself & made myself do all that horrid running in the wet & cold november / december only to think I’m just going to waddle the whole way around.

Right off to get the 1st born from her day of destruction & chaos at nursery!