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#Govember !




#Govember was dreamed up last week, while I was lamenting that I had done nothing, not one jog or blog, since the end of #Juneathon.

Since then I’ve actually done some exercise, but I really like the idea of #Govember, so I’m going to give it ago, and you’re welcome to join me.

What is #Govember?

Well, just something to motivate you & and get you going through out November. (Did you see what I did there? Going > #Govember eh?)

So I’m going to use #Govember to get me going for more running & I’m also going to blog more.

Other suggestions include harassing Michael Gove on twitter, giving Veganism a go (November is Vegan Month after all).

If you do fancy joining me in #Govember, then let me know, it might inspire me to create a better logo for it. (November is grey, that’s about all the inspiration I had)

And if you tweet, blog or record your efforts in any way, then I’ll make sure I check out how you’re going too.

So who’s going to join in #Govember?

#Juneathon Day 30: VICTORY! (And onwards!)


It seemed almost the second I got my running kit on, it started to rain.
Nothing new for Juneathon then eh?

A cold, wet & windy 30 min later, Juneathon 100% complete!

I’m proud. It’s only taken 3 attempts to achieve it, and I did it mostly in secret!


Juneathon was one of the three June goals. The other 2, well, that’s 50/50.

Drop 2% body fat
I weighed myself this morning & took all my measurements. No change. None.
I have actually have only lost 1lb in weight since the 1st January.
I’m slightly mixed in my emotions about this. I know I’ve eaten an awful lot of crummy food this month, a few cheeky beers and a good amount of sweets.

The annoying thing is that I didn’t take any measurements at the start of the year, so while I know I’ve lost a few inches, I’ve no idea how many, and I want the numbers to prove it dammit!

No Starbucks
I spent £1.65 in Starbucks this month, on fruit bread one Sunday morning, because nothing else is open in Preston.
My coffee shop cold turkey wasn’t 100% true, I had a few Neros & a fair amount off breakfasts from a local indie shop (they curdle soy milk, so no coffee from them) but nothing near the shocking amount I previously spent.

So onwards!


Home Cooked Meals
I did well cutting out the massively mediocre coffee and I’m going to attempt to change my terrible habit of buying breakfast or lunch, and start planning ahead & making my meals.
Also, I’ve recently fallen into the habit of buying junk oven meals, or pizza. I need to stop being lazy & start making Food.

30 Day Shred
One day off after Juneathon & I’m going to do 30 Day Shred. I’ve taken measurements, if I manage it, it should shift a few.

Look Fit! #Juneathon is here!



Nothing like a Juneathon to break you out of a months blog silence!

If you have no idea what Juneathon is, well, it’s like Janathon, but theoretically warmer. If that doesn’t make sense to you the I suggest you visit the Juneathon site and learn about it there.


My first day of Juneathon was an 8am class at the gym on the opposite side of town.
Metafit is only a 30 minute class but it’s pretty fierce. All body weight training and all done in short sets. It’s a killer. I left the class half dead and with a soggy sweaty shirt. Then had to dive into the shower, get dried, dressed and on the bus to work in about 11 minutes.
I think it’s unfair that after a really hard gym class, and I put lots of effort in, I had to sprint for the bus!

I don’t think I’m going to run every day of Juneathon, but I will make sure I do at least 30min of activity every day. I have different gym classes booked for tomorrow & Monday, so I don’t think my 1st run will be until Tuesday.

I also set some goals for June this morning.


I’d like to point out, that I’m not giving up coffee, just the brand.

Wish me Luck, & good Luck to all #Juneathon participants!