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#Juneathon Day 15 : Half way there!


Wow, this is new territory for me. I’m half way through Juneathon and still Jogging & Blogging.

(I haven’t been logging, I don’t like the site, I might log it all in one big swoop near the end)

So how has it been going? Back in my 1st Juneathon post I set some other goals along side completing Juneathon.


Dropping Body fat.

Well I’m not doing well balancing the general HUNGER that I find comes with Jan/Juneathon. I’m basically just eating EVERYTHING.

I wear a NikeFuelBand everyday, and by comparison of May to June I’m burning about 400 extra calories a day. If I could avoid the toasted teacakes and chocolate bars, I’d be loosing weight, but I’m not. So I’ve put on weight.

It depresses me, but it seems like I’m just going to have to download My Fitness Pal back onto my phone & go back to calorie counting. Bah!

So Juneathon.

I have done 7 hours & 41 min of running, covering 54.7km !

(Last year I managed to cover 85km for the whole of June, in 10 hours 16min)

But numbers don’t tell the whole picture.

This time last I was building up for a Marathon &  heaps fitter than I am right now.  I almost completed a marathon and then sat on a couch for the rest of the winter, and spring and have only really just gotten off it.

(I’ve also realised that I haven’t actually told the story of my Guild Marathon attempt, and how I was driven to the finish line by the Red Cross, I’ll write that up soon. Probably)

This year feels like the 1st time I did Janathon, and I can actually feel myself getting fitter with each run. Especially as I’m following the same route quite often, and as I pass where yesterday, or the day before, I slowed to a walk for a little while, and I’m still running today.

No Starbucks.

I’ve spent £1.65 in Startbucks this month. Regular visitors will notice this is the same price as toasted fruit bread. I was hungry, it was a Sunday morning before work & there was no other places open, I left the house in a rush & was STARVING.


Back to Juneathon, tonights run was late, I cooked a big meal for the husband’s father’s day treat, and it wasn’t untill about 10pm I actually managed to move again.

A rather burpy 4.66km in 37 min brought me halfway through the month.

Here’s to another 15 days!



#Juneathon Day 14: Rain?!


It’s Juneathon, June! It’s supposed to be summer!

I’m not supposed to be digging out my waterproof jacket and getting ready to dash out for a run between torrential downpour.

Still I went, it was wet & cold. I hear that in other parts of the UK it’s still sunny. That people are still running in shorts & tshirts!

4.8km in 37min

#Juneathon Day 12 : Still running


Hooray! Today marks a Juneathon PB.

This is the longest I’ve actually managed to stay in Juneathon!

5.22km in 42min, and I managed to avoid the rain, feels like victory!

EDIT : my laptop died so this might be a little weirdly formatted.

But yesterday I had a really great time running & playing “Race Car” with my son.






He just wanted to run & and race, and it was one of the first times I actually didn’t pull the “no mummy doesn’t want to play” card, and joined in. I almost wish I had Runkeeper on, I could swear it was a good few KM in the 30 min run about!

Why do we grow up and stop loving to run about like that?

#Juneathon Day 11: Run Angry


As I was stood in the porch, pressing start on Runkeeper & putting my headphones in, my husband started a conversation that ended up an argument for four minutes (& apparently 16 cal.)

His last words as I left were “well, enjoy your run” and with all credit to him, he said it nicely and meant every syllable.
However it made me grumble and silently bitch in my head all the way around & meant I had to stop in the local Tesco & buy noodles and cake, these are my comfort foods. (I don’t eat them together.

4.8km 34min

#Juneathon Day 8: feeling tired now


After a week of running I’m feeling a little tired now. My legs are feeling slow and heavy and I just want to wear my trainers all day at work, instead of nice shoes that aren’t covered in mud.

I think I’m doing quiet well, my husband hasn’t twigged that I’m doing Juneathon, he hates Janathon & Juneathon because he complains that I’m going out running and never let him go to the gym or running, or that he always has to eat tea on his own & never sees me. I’m not sure why he hasn’t worked out that I’m in Juneathon, possibly blogging from my phone has helped.

Today was 3.7k in 32 min.

Brings me up to a total of about 24km for Janathon today.