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#Juneathon Day 30: VICTORY! (And onwards!)


It seemed almost the second I got my running kit on, it started to rain.
Nothing new for Juneathon then eh?

A cold, wet & windy 30 min later, Juneathon 100% complete!

I’m proud. It’s only taken 3 attempts to achieve it, and I did it mostly in secret!


Juneathon was one of the three June goals. The other 2, well, that’s 50/50.

Drop 2% body fat
I weighed myself this morning & took all my measurements. No change. None.
I have actually have only lost 1lb in weight since the 1st January.
I’m slightly mixed in my emotions about this. I know I’ve eaten an awful lot of crummy food this month, a few cheeky beers and a good amount of sweets.

The annoying thing is that I didn’t take any measurements at the start of the year, so while I know I’ve lost a few inches, I’ve no idea how many, and I want the numbers to prove it dammit!

No Starbucks
I spent £1.65 in Starbucks this month, on fruit bread one Sunday morning, because nothing else is open in Preston.
My coffee shop cold turkey wasn’t 100% true, I had a few Neros & a fair amount off breakfasts from a local indie shop (they curdle soy milk, so no coffee from them) but nothing near the shocking amount I previously spent.

So onwards!


Home Cooked Meals
I did well cutting out the massively mediocre coffee and I’m going to attempt to change my terrible habit of buying breakfast or lunch, and start planning ahead & making my meals.
Also, I’ve recently fallen into the habit of buying junk oven meals, or pizza. I need to stop being lazy & start making Food.

30 Day Shred
One day off after Juneathon & I’m going to do 30 Day Shred. I’ve taken measurements, if I manage it, it should shift a few.

#Juneathon Day 29: urgh, is it wet everywhere else too?


Today, it seemed to rain as soon as I left the door.
I feel like this has been the most miserable & wet & cold Juneathon ever. I though this was supposed to be a warmer, drier version of Janathon.
(And I seem to be repeating myself, sorry readers, I know I’ve made this whine and moan before)

Today was a slow jog / walk, with less sulking than yesterday, but also much slower. I’m very much looking forwards to the last day tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll get up quite early and get it over & done with!

#Juneathon Day 28: bit miserable, mostly walked.


Today I got some news about a a course I’d applied for at work. I wasn’t successful & was devastated, I really wanted onto this training course. I was given some feed back about why I wasn’t selected, and I think it will take a few days to digest, and sulk, before I take it seriously, instead of personally.

So my run was full of replaying the interview, and things I thought I’d done well & also how it was the end of the world that I didn’t get onto the course.

But at least I ran.

#Juneathon Day 26: Stressed & Pizza


I went running quite stressed, I’m going to London on Thursday, for training / interviewing. I have to make a presentation. I’m a little stressed by it.

And I’ve also done nothing but snack all day, so I probably shouldn’t have had pizza and then went for a “run.”

So it wasn’t a comfortable run, and because I couldn’t get the presentation out my brain, it wasn’t relaxing.


#Juneathon Day 25: Remove VAT on Sports Bras!


I was going to run much earlier than 10pm, I was going to, honest.
But the guest tweeter on The Women’s Room was tweeting about #WomenInSport and I got sucked in.

I’ll write more on another day (I’m just trying to keep up with Juneathon) but one thing I want to shout about is

Remove VAT for sports bras

I can understand that all other sports equipment has VAT on it, but if I want to do any kind of sport being female I need a sports bra, or further pain & injury will arrive. I’d even settle for VAT removed from the larger sized Sports Bras (as I know they aren’t made by many companies & cost £££) and if they were cheaper, I think I would help (not completely page the road with gold, just help) more ladies get into sport & activity more.

What do you think #Juneathon?
I also ran 3.2km, I wouldn’t have got that far without one.

#Juneathon Day 23: Are we sure it’s not #Janathon?


The weather here has been horrible, yesterday I was complaining about rain dropping on the back of my neck, today, I find a tree blown over on my normal route around the park.

Have you all been playing a trick on me, is it still Janathon? Am I Rip Van Winkle, and have actually slept for 6 months?

If I complain to the Met Office will they give me a gift card for a free summers day? (I’d save it for #Janathon)


#Juneathon Day 20: scary life things!


Day 20 of Juneathon was another late run, not actually getting my running kit on until after 9pm.

It was a really great run. Music, Zombie chases, and a run that silenced my head. It wasn’t a fast run, or a long run, but after an evening writing cover letters & CVs for some amazing things at work, it was enough to stop my brain buzzing and thinking and waiting for an instant reply.

4km round a route with some lovely long flat straight roads, perfect for switching on some Zombies Run & praying I’m quick enough to avoid getting eaten. Awesome.

I do have one small confession. I have only washed my running tights once this Juneathon. I’m stinky.