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>Frell me… it’s cold


>It’s cold, draz cold & if I had any mivonks they’d have frozen off.

that’s enough Farscape, on to the running.

Only a 15 minute run, I was starving & wanted to go home & eat with everyone else.
But with the knowledge that I’ve ran every day so far & managed not to starve to death whilst out I laced up & made my move. Not too quickly, I was weak with hunger.

1.23km later food was in my belly.

and now I’m exhausted, I’m going to curl up on the couch & knit socks.

>Mojo, Mojo wherefore art thou Mojo…


>Tonight I FORCED myself to run. I stumbled around for 30 min, and ended up walking, like a sulking school girl for the last 8 min, making it even longer until I got back into the warm.

I don’t know what it is, I just can’t seem to enjoy my running, or switch off my head & let my feet do their thing.

I wonder if theres anything out there about Zen running?

3.6km today. I’m off to google, then bed.

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>5 mins or bust


>I’ve always promsed myself that if I was not “feeling it” I’d at least try for 5 min & then if after that the run still wasn’t doing it for me I’d turn around & go home.

Today was the day that after 5 min I turned around & walked home.

I have NO motivation right now, and I spent the whole day eating junk food too. I’m blaming the breastfeeding & a growth spurt with lack of sleep added.

I ran 3/4 of a mile, I mostly ran 3/4 of a mile, it was the 1st time in ages it wasn’t even a little fun.

ah well, bath & bed and a new day in the morning.

>Oh so cold…


>Today’s trip out with the 3 year old was to trade in some old computer games.
And as we got slightly more than expected we bought Kinect. I also got one of those fitness games.
“can you tell I’ve been playing Xbox?”
No seriously, my thighs are killing! It was like a serious fitness class! And the woman shouted at me for not doing things a) in time & b) the right way. So yes, exactly like if I’d attended the real thing!

The Janathon effort was another run around the block.

510m in just under 5 min.
It’s still horribly cold & slippy outside. Never have I paid so much attention to the weather forecast as I have during Janathon! (it’s due to be warmer this weekend!)

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>Nor Rain no snow nor Glo m of Ni t



This was the view @ 3:30pm today, and it was freezing. I knew it would be, my other half had announced that he’d be putting the heating back on constant for the next few days. (His bat sense must have been tingling, or he’d had a look at a weather forecast.) This sort of weather does not bode well for Janathon. I hate the cold as it is, I seem to have cold blood & am possibly related to a reptile… (Long live the 5th Column?) I shouldn’t be running in the winter, I should wrapped up in the warm with coffee & cake, watching bad sci – fi & knitting cozy socks.
But I wrapped my daughter up & put the baby in his snow suit and headed out for a walk, as being cooped up in the house all day means she literally jumps off the walls/couch/stairs/bed/me/baby. 3.5 miles later she was miffed, but knackered. (is that mean?) We did make a brief detour into a supermarket, where I was pleased/disappointed that my daughter choose strawberries as a treat instead of chocolate. We also stopped to take a frosty picture of Ivy leaves. She wasn’t impressed by this either, and demanded that we hurry up. The baby just slept for 90 minutes. And lost a glove.
So with 7pm looming and the knowledge that I hadn’t actually RAN for this Janathon effort, I suited up for the cold.
560m around the block, in 5:54, slowing down as the foot path was slippy in places!
does not bode well for tomorrow…

>Blue Tuesday?


>I don’t know what it was about today’s run but I just felt slow & heavy.

Started off with some of my favourite tunes and struggled to jog on, after about 20min I switched to the Audio Fuel freebie (Grid mix 160-170 bpm)

It helped, a little, I still felt slower than normal, but at least I could force myself to run a little more.

Somehow I managed to cut 38 seconds of my best mile this month! Really not sure how?

Right – O tiramisu is calling

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>Day 17?


>So all the days are starting to blur into one & other!

2 miles ran tonight & I could have done better… But Song 2 by Blur was in the playlist, and I ALWAYS run to fast to it and then end up knackered & hobble the rest of the run. Guess what happened!

On a lighter note… I lost 3 lbs this week! (see what I did there?!?)

Oh & keeping up with what seemed to be the twitter topic of the day…

What’s the worlds fastest cake?

(this joke only works if you pronounce it properly !)

>9 seconds – BANK!!!



So I completed the same workout as I did last Sunday & did  5km 9 seconds quicker. I’ll bank that. Quicker is quicker after all.

So I’ve come to see the Janathon Twitter list as a double edged sword, there was the great cheers I’ve had & gave out to people, then there’s this….

I think I’ve mentioned the mersey marathon in passing before, I think I’d quite like to try it. It’s my home turf, being a scoucer at heart, but I’m 50/50 on if I’d manage to get that far. I suppose there are 200+ training days untill the 26 (& a bit) miles. Something to think about over night!

I’m realy diging how it says I’ve burnt 5,000+ calories this month.

>Feels like a Wednsday


>It’s not quite at the begining of #Janathon & it’s not quite the end.

Todays “Run” had more walk than run, was a bit of a let down, but then today has been a bit naff too. I’m not going to mope on the interwebs, I’m just going to swear I’ll get up & run in daylight….

but as I type this I get a nosie from my iPhone, & it’s a #Janathoner, cheering me on for my run…
it was @carlatutte THANKYOU!

just when you’re down, #Janathon pickus you up.

I’m off to make chillie for 4 ppl.