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>Do Not Run When You Can’t Breath – 1.13K


It’s honestly more like 300m… stop… wheeze… stagger about a bit… walk… wheeze… give up… stumble home. Seriously I should never have gone out.
But I did, mostly because I was about to pull out my own hair. Honestly how hard can it be to teach your daughter how to use the toilet?! It’s becoming a war of attrition, who can last longer, her refusal to do it & my refusal to let her be lazy & have bloody pull up nappies.*

So I went out, with a completely blocked up nose, and a cough, ran & stumbled about & then came home and finaly stopped wheezing about 9pm. Stupid me.

* there’s no health issue here. I hate the nappies, please don’t worry about my little girl, she fine!

>No running for No quiet


>If ever there was a day that I’d want to have gone running, today was it.

Lots of bad & crummy things happened today & I just had to waddle through it all… and try to smile, else I’d just have sat down & cry! Don’t misunderstand me, nothing that went wrong today was life threatening or TEOTWAWKI type stuff. 

but it was topped by visiting the park with my daughter & feeling all miserable that there were at least 5 runners, on my route

There is nothing more than I would have liked than to have put on the shoes & shorts & just blanked everything else out, apart from “Left foot Right foot.”

I’m just winging & venting, it’s too hot, I’ve had a crappy day & I’m too exhausted to do anything!
Hugs Please!


>10km (43 min)



That’s the time that Paula Radcliffe did her 10km when 6 months pregnant in 2006!
I doubt I’ll pull a time like that out the bag, but it’s food for thought. I’m not & never have been as fit as she was & will most definitely be Jogging & walking the route next week, I think I’m going to aim for a target time of double Paula’s

so there we have it target time of

1hour & 26 mins!

To hit that I’m going to need a pace of 8:36 through out, so I think I’ll have a ferret about for the Nike+ gizmo & see if I can waddle around abit and handle the speed!

(i’ve been casually mooching about at pace of around 11+ So stand by for a swift retraction!

oh and have I mentioned that you can sponsor me?? (hint hint)


>Are you ready to rumble?!?!


>Well no not really, I never was a great fan of those 2 geordies, but I couldn’t think of a cool thing to write as the title.

So with the run being in 4 weeks time the Great Run people send out emails to suggesting that now is the time to find out & test if you’re fit enough to take part…

Err probably is my reply! They suggest that if you cannot comfortably run 6k by now & feel like you could still keep going at the end then, you might not be quite fit enough to do the full 10k on the big day… sensible stuff really, no one wants lots of lazy bones filling up the street and causing further obstacles for the other runners!

well, I’m knackered after this weekend, with just me & my daughter at home yesterday & a full shift today in the new shop, so I’m going to skive till Tuesday & see what time I can waddle around in then. Honest.

>Stuff you knew already…


Dating scan
So it’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything here…

Rest assured I haven’t given up on the whole running thing, although it’s starting to get a whole lot slower!

So in the week I was registering for the Great Manchester Run, I was also about 2 weeks into growing my 2nd baby.

So since the last post in Feb, there’s been all kinds of life changing drama, well no, but it’s a blog, drama sounds better than the reality.

I’m still doing the run, in oooh look 26 days (yikes), but the midwives & doctors said I could take it slowly, VERY slowly, and all will be fine.

I must admit that my running is more of a slow jog or fast walk, at the moment, and well, it’s only going to get slower, but hey, speed isn’t the point, it’s the gettign up off my lardy bottom & moving.

So yeah! Double Yeah! With added Yikes, for the fast arriving dates!
(16th May – Run & 24th Sept due date)

>Lazy Days & a Big Thank you!


>So I haven’t actually done any running for about 2 weeks, I’ve been uber lazy recently. In fact the last running I did was the 5K around the park.

A combination of overnight shifts at work (yes there really are people who buy Footlong Subs at 3am!) and a cold have kept me out of my running kit. Sorry.

So I have one more night shift tonight, and I PROMIS I’ll run on Monday afternoon.

On a nicer note I want to say a GIANT Thank You to Lelia, George, Michael & Helen! My latest sponsors, bringing my Running total to £44.85 (in Gift Aid) 

If you’d like to sponsor me please click the Links below, and don’t forget to click the Gift Aid buttons, every extra penny to Heart Research UK counts!

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>urgh… lurgies & a Running Vest!


>So the snow went, and then I got the WORST cold ever.

No, Seriously. Like some new form of plague. I think I was almost on death’s door.

But now I’m nearly over it, and I think tomorrow I’ll be good to run. No honestly. Round the park, before my dearest goes to work. He can play with the nipper while I dash round.

I also have been having an email chat with the lovely ladies at Heart Research UK, they’re sending me a running vest, and stuff. I haven’t been this excited about getting post in years! (perhaps that’s why I haven’t got the lurgies anymore!)

>I’ve said at least 12, how many have you?


This is a Nike Ad, from about 2 years ago…
Too cold is in there, so I got my bottom off the couch, stepped away from the hummous, and went for a quickie

DAY FIVE – 1KM (probably) (10min)
This run sucked…
I went to the Gym, and nearly killed myself slipping on the ice, lost my Nike+ gizmo on the way, and hated every second of running on the treadmill, and then sulked all the way back home.

Thankfully tomorrow is a rest day.

oh, and;
I’ve got shin splints
I’m exerting myself too much
I’ve got a case of the Mondays, the Tuesdays, the Wednesdays.
I wanna do something else
After New Years
I might make a mistake
I fell bloated
I have gas
My blister hurts
My tummy hurts
Its not in my genes
Im not the athletic type
I dont wanna slow you down
I think ill sit this one out
I´m too weak / too slow / too big

I ate too much for breakfast
I´ve got a headache
It´s raining
My dog is sick
I can´t right now
Not inspired
It makes me smell bad

I´m allergic to this stuff
I´m fat 
I´m thin
It´s too hot
It’s too cold

what’s the excuse for my next run?