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>Hello? Are you still there?!


>Just checking in to let you know that Janathon didn’t kill me & I am still running around in the cold and the wet!

The final total for Janathon was 87km in running. February’s running total to date is 10km, but I’m still chugging along.
I think I might even started to enjoy running again, as truthfully, Janathon sapped a bit of the desire to run & made it more a requirement at times.

Still, I’m amazed at how much my fitness improves over those 31 days, and I’ll admit to it being the perfect start to the year. It certainly got all the standard excuses used & busted in a few weeks.

So Thank You Cathy & all the Janathon Tweeps, and everyone who dropped by over the few weeks.

An Extra ThankYou to JumboJanathon who was my 1st Sponsor! LOVE YOU even though I’ve never met you IRL!

>The Morning Sickness of the Long Distance Runner


>The story I’ve been squeeing about is on page 3 of the Lancashire Evening Post today. The story covers  a full page.

I’m quite amazed at how much attention the fact that I’m running & pregnant has generated to tell truth. I’m sure other mums with 2 or 3 kids have to run around just as much, if not more, as me, only not as officially as I am.

Well it was fun to do the interview & the photos, even if I think I look a bit weird in them.

The link  to the LEP full story is below, please don’t forget the whole point of the story was really to help me raise more pennies for Heart Research UK, just let me know if you want to pledge, I’ll add you to the running total (PUN!)

The Morning Sickness of the Long Distance Runner


>Sponsor me the Traditional way. (sort of)


>Ok, so not everyone wants to use the clicky links & put card details into the internet & while I’m certain no one REALLY thinks I’ll fail, some people prefer to be traditional & pledge the money & then donate after the event is actually completed.

It’s no secret that I’m rubbish with bit of paper & I’m quite nervous about loosing an actual sponsor form, so of you’d prefer to sponsor me the traditional way, then please do so.

Either, add a comment either below or through the Facebook thingy on the left, you don’t need your full name I’ll work out who’s who. Or drop me a txt, and email, a message on Facebook & I’ll add your name to the virtual sponsor form! If you pledge a specific amount the Virgin site lets me add the pledge to the running total & will even work out how much Gift Aid you’ll be adding too!


>Lazy Days & a Big Thank you!


>So I haven’t actually done any running for about 2 weeks, I’ve been uber lazy recently. In fact the last running I did was the 5K around the park.

A combination of overnight shifts at work (yes there really are people who buy Footlong Subs at 3am!) and a cold have kept me out of my running kit. Sorry.

So I have one more night shift tonight, and I PROMIS I’ll run on Monday afternoon.

On a nicer note I want to say a GIANT Thank You to Lelia, George, Michael & Helen! My latest sponsors, bringing my Running total to £44.85 (in Gift Aid) 

If you’d like to sponsor me please click the Links below, and don’t forget to click the Gift Aid buttons, every extra penny to Heart Research UK counts!

Sponsor me on Virgin Money Giving

>Sponsor Me!!


>With my running vest came some sponsor forms, so expect them to be waved at anyone who walks past me at every opportunity.

 I’ve also added a Just Giving button to the blog.They let you pay with Pay Pal & include Gift Aid too.

So that’s all major credit cards, cash & Pay Pal taken, please ask about cheques!

Thanks in advance.


Sponsor me on Virgin Money Giving