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>It’s a BOY!



My son was born on 27th September @ 10;36am.

I’m happy to say he’s perfect in every way, however the speed of the delivery caused some complications that meant & quick dash to surgery for me.
The up shot of this is a whole heap of stitches & the physio has told me there will be no running for at least 6 months, and I should take up some low impact sport until then.

March to May hopefully gives me enough time to get back into the swing of running. In the meantime I’m going to have a look through the local pages to find out what low impact exercise classes there are in my area & a think about what I’m going to do with my lardy bottom for the next 6 months!

>2.03KM (36 min) & a clever Baby


>Just a Thursday afternoon waddle around the local park really.

My little baby really has turned up the wiggle factor by about 10, and a stroll out in the sun we’ve got seems to send the little blighter to sleep!

I also found the following article, through Twitter I think, from Natural News.
Granted it’s a bit old, September 2009, but I like what it says…

“Children whose mother exercised 30 minutes a day score around eight points higher on standard IQ tests than children whose mothers were more sedentary,” says psychologist Richard E. Nisbett, author of Intelligence and How to Get It.

But best of all I like the closing statement

“The mother is the most important IQ agent here,” he said. “In families dominated by a father, there are higher mathematical skills but that’s all we contribute, I’m afraid.”

So there we go. It’s all down to the mummy, like we didn’t know it already!I’m glad I’m getting up off my bottom and doing a bit of waddling about.
 I’m certain that moving about more this pregnancy, compared with my last has made it better for me.
I certainly haven’t had quite so many aches and pains as I did last time, and while I’ve had *ahem* slower digestion (if you get my jist) I’m sure it’d be slower & more painful.
And while I can’t yet tell how clever my little wiggler is I’m certain the exercise is as much benefit for the both of us.

Meanwhile I must thank John, Maggs & Thomas who donated to Heart Research UK last night. The current total is £120 (including Gift Aid).


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>The Morning Sickness of the Long Distance Runner


>The story I’ve been squeeing about is on page 3 of the Lancashire Evening Post today. The story covers  a full page.

I’m quite amazed at how much attention the fact that I’m running & pregnant has generated to tell truth. I’m sure other mums with 2 or 3 kids have to run around just as much, if not more, as me, only not as officially as I am.

Well it was fun to do the interview & the photos, even if I think I look a bit weird in them.

The link  to the LEP full story is below, please don’t forget the whole point of the story was really to help me raise more pennies for Heart Research UK, just let me know if you want to pledge, I’ll add you to the running total (PUN!)

The Morning Sickness of the Long Distance Runner


>Is it a Boy or a Girl?


20 week scan
Originally uploaded by millie.lavelle

Go can you tell?

This is the bump that will waddle around the course with me this weekend,

during the scan we asked the ultrasound lady to see if she could tell.
She had a quick look & is 75% certain…

Highlight to reveal  
***          BOY!!       ***

where you right?


>Stuff you knew already…


Dating scan
So it’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything here…

Rest assured I haven’t given up on the whole running thing, although it’s starting to get a whole lot slower!

So in the week I was registering for the Great Manchester Run, I was also about 2 weeks into growing my 2nd baby.

So since the last post in Feb, there’s been all kinds of life changing drama, well no, but it’s a blog, drama sounds better than the reality.

I’m still doing the run, in oooh look 26 days (yikes), but the midwives & doctors said I could take it slowly, VERY slowly, and all will be fine.

I must admit that my running is more of a slow jog or fast walk, at the moment, and well, it’s only going to get slower, but hey, speed isn’t the point, it’s the gettign up off my lardy bottom & moving.

So yeah! Double Yeah! With added Yikes, for the fast arriving dates!
(16th May – Run & 24th Sept due date)