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#WeighInWed – Battle of Scales


Last week I was feeling awesome. I was half way to my goal & feeling invincible, and 100% focused on getting to my goal before Tough Mudder in November.

This week, I’m a little behind schedule, but  honestly this wasn’t because I’ve just sat about eating cakes.

In order to keep me focused on Beeminder I bought some of my own bathroom scales. I’ve been using the ones at the local gym and didn’t want to use that as an excuses for not updating the graph. (You did see that I’m a little bit of a geek & obsessed by this graph didn’t you?)

I spent much more than I ever thought I’d spend on bathroom scales, especially at one point in my life I distinctly remember swearing that I’d never buy a set of bathroom scales. Dashed home and obviously stepped on asap.

I was 9lbs heavier than at the gym that morning. To say I was devastated is the obvious understatement. I know scales are all different, slightly, and that your weight fluctuates throughout the day, and that’s why you’re supposed to use the same scales & check at the same time of day. But 9lbs in a few hours?

This prompted a trip to the local Boots, whee they have a digital scales thing that also does the whole BMI & body fat thing too. This was 8lbs heavier than the gym, suggesting that I’d lost a pound through swearing & having a tantrum.

So I calmed down & zipped up the (wo)man suit, and realized that the gym scaled had probably been lying to me, a fact confirmed by an inside source.

In reality it means I have to loose an extra 0.2 lbs on top of the 1.4lbs per week to get to goal before Tough Mudder, which isn’t that much, it will just mean I have to be well behaved & not eat 3 Krispy Kreme like I did yesterday.

Grumpy, Hungry & Not Fun.


Those are three oretty good ways to describe me today. Others would be “a bit rubbish” or “miserable git” & “Lazy cow.”

Yes, I know we all have our off days, I can’t be an amazing geeky mum every day, and I never expected staying at home to be all Martha Steward type fun, but today was just a day where I wanted a chic little table in the middle of Vienna to sip espresso and eat Sacher Torte. Alas no dice there. (but it was my birthday on Monday if anyone fancies whisking me off as a belated present)

Enough babbling what about running?

Running, with the exception of today, has been going great!

On Sunday I actually ran with a running club, and wasn’t the slowest or the fastest, in fact I was pretty middle of the pack and enjoyed it so much I’m going back this Sunday!

Monday’s 5k was only 5 minutes off my PB, a record from approx 2 years ago, when I was fitter & faster than I am now (and also 6 weeks pregnant!)

While I was out I tried a few of the things the Club leader was talking about, mostly about tying to run on the balls of your feet & not heel strike, and to get a more natural running motion, I was quite hard for me to do and require more thinking than I usually like whilst running, I seriously had to concentrate on my footwork, and lean much further forwards than I am used to. Having moaned about it, the splits where I know I was mostly following his advice were actually the fastest overall, and who knows I could have actually beaten my PB if I’d managed to keep it going. I realise the whole description of the way I was running sounds a little vague, but bear with the grumpy woman and when I’ve found a better mood, I’ll google and add in a better & more useful description.

Tuesday was just full of AWESOME! I don’t know if I set a record, or if it was the slowest run I ever did, but I just really enjoyed all 8k, it wasn’t all ran, I had a run walk thing going on, but it was fun & if I had left the house earlier than 8:30pm I would have stayed out longer & seen how long I could keep it going. Seriously it was like a dream run & what I expect when you read training plans that say “comfortable pace” but darkness & cold, and the need to eat I’d have gone all Gump and just kept on going.

Today, no running, I was supposed to do 8 lots of 400m, but rain and sulking stopped me. Which is a stupid reason, because 1) skin is waterproof & so is a jacket I own and 2) the reason I was sulking is because of diet fail & going out and doing some cardio would have burnt of quite a few of the fail. *sigh* (and probably cheered me up too)

Right that’s it, I’m off for a shower, I’ll try & post in a better mood next time 😉

#WeighInWednesday – Let’s Get Back to It


Right, I have actually eaten nothing good for the past 3 weeks, and have by virtue of running a marathon, not really put on any extra weight.

So Hooray for exercise.

That said, I have not actually ran, or done ant type of excercise since the marathon
I have joined a gym, a cheap local council one, with my husband.Now the combined cost of the joint membership gym is less than the expensive  chain I was previously a member of, but the reason I started running, was mostly because I couldn’t be bothered to go the gym when it was cold & rainy, so I’m a little nervous about whether I’ll go often enough.  I’m also finding it slightly amusing that I want to join the gym so that I can up my core fitness and be a better, faster runner!

So its almost a year since I started loosing weight, and I’ve lost 31.5lbs, or 2 st 3.5lbs! I’m shocked, when I see the numbers, I’m not sure how I had all that extra weight on me, as I’m still not skinny! But not to do myself down,  I’ve lost 14.3kg, in 12 months and I’m feeling confident that the other 30 (or so) pounds I want to loose will be gone in the next 12 months!


#Juneathon Day 6: Fat Monday


I’d like to say that I don’t always have Fat days, but I do, I ate everything that came with in reach today, excluding the baby food (but it did smell good),  and including  choc style cake topping (yes, I feel slightly ashamed about that, but it’s not the 1st time). I’d like to say that it must be the Juneathon hunger kicking in, but it’s not, as I’ve ran less than 5 miles. It’s not even because I’ve starved myself over the weekend, as the massive BBQ we had on Saturday, also meant we had loads to eat on Sunday & we even had chocolate pudding late Sunday night.

However, I’m slightly relieved that at Weight Watchers Weigh In this evening I Stayed The Same.


Anyway, Juneathon news;  Did 2 things for Juneathon, 21 crunches using FitFu & 1/2 a mile jogging (not very fast)

So FitFu is an iPhone app, that I paid for months & months ago, but is now free for 2 weeks. (go figure!) And like a gym subscription I have never used it until today, and my baby laughed at me while I did 21 crunches (well 20, but it counted wrong when I picked it up to swipe the screen to say I’ve finished the exercise.

I was joined by @thighwillbegone who picked up my tweet wondering if anyone uses the FitFu app in #Juneathon. (Fitfu actually have a twitter & seem to be quite quick at joining in the chat, and as Thighwillbegone lamented that there was not twitter intergration with the app, Fit Fu were quick to reply as Mr Jobs has provided Twitter integration with iOS5! That’s quick customer feedback!

I’m not certain that it’s a full on workout in my phone, but then again I’ve only done one set of one of the exersises available on it. Plus there seems to be the whole social network side of the app that’s about to get better with iOS5… perhaps we’ll comeback to it in a few weeks.

The run, well that was sort & lazy, set out to do Thru the Gears but felt fat & lazy, so only did 7:45 of it and sulked home.

Total Juneathon running; 4.88 miles (1:08:02)

Predicted Marathon Time; 6:44:01

Fitfu’d; 21 Crunches


Level UP!


I ran my own 10k on Sunday, it wasn’t any quicker than last Sunday, but I did do 3 sets of sprint intervals, and the AudioFuel Grid Mix, so it was a little more interesting than the last one.  Plus the wind, wow, the wind was horrible, the loops I do around my local park weren’t quiet & gentle,  I was nearly blown over at one point, and I took shelter running up & down the tree lined straight, but thought I might get clocked on the head when I saw a branch fall off one of the trees, so I took to the safety of the local streets, and prayed that the roof tiles wouldn’t drop on my head.

As well as running I’ve been following Weight Watchers,  I weigh in on a Monday evening, last week I lost 4.5lbs, that was great, considering two weeks ago I’d put on 7.5lbs after my wedding! This week I was hoping for the same, but expecting less, I never seem to keep up weight loss like that & always stall the next week. I went thinking that I’d lose a pound, perhaps two, but prepared myself for the scales staying the same. I was shocked to see that I’d lost SIX! I felt like I was on an episode of Biggest Looser!

It’s not just a great weekly weight loss, it also means I’ve lost 10% of my body weight since starting Weight Watchers. They make a big deal about the 10%, and the associated health benefits. Things like a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes & a healthier heart, lower blood pressure & lower cholesterol.  Plus you get bling too.

From Weight Watchers

Cool Huh? it’s supposed to look like a number 10, and I think you get more things to add to it as you loose more weight.  It’s a big deal for me too, I’ve never actually stuck to Weight Watchers this long, I suppose I’ve also never had as much to loose as I do right now either. So despite the , maybe 4 times I’ve joined Weight Watchers, or the slim fast thing or tesco diets, this is the 1st time I can say I’ve stuck to it long enough to get a decent landmark weight loss. GO me!

No only have I become a Weight Watcher Ninja, I’ve also leveled up on Nike+ site. I’ve run enough miles for everything to be Green! This makes the inner D&D geek in me smile.  I feel like I’m officially getting into “Real Running” territory, I’m not going to win any speed races, but I’ll get there in the end. When you level up with D&D you get to pick new skills & stuff, so I can’t help wondering what sort of running skills you might get when you level up?

  • Running Endurance +1 (this skill allows the player to  run for 1D20 minutes longer than the standard Couch to 5k skill)
  • Hill Running (this skill allows the player to choose routes that include hills without a movement penalty)
  • Bloody Mindedness (this skill allows the player to go running even when the Met Office don’t think it’s a great idea)

Any more suggestions? Any more running D&D geeks out there?

And with JUNEATHON quickly approaching I’m all ready for the next running challenge! 30 days of running & blogging & excuses, hopefully warmer than Janathon, this year with T-Shirts (hopefully)

I also found out that you can download the Nike+ GPS app for free at the moment from iTunes, I’m Runforthequiet, get on and play some tag with me!

>Targets times, training & tempo


>Right, this is the post where I throw down some numbers & spend the next few months sweating & puffing & panting & swearing, certainly swearing, to get them.

So through some sort of insanity gripped moment yesterday morning I booked my place in the RunLiverpool Marathon, not only did I book a marathon place I booked myself in the 4hr group. There was method to this madness, I used to do quite a few 25 mile walks / marches as a nipper, they took between 6 & 8 hours, and everyone knows running is twice as fast as walking. Right?)
After a long shower & a goodnights sleep I wake up & start to realise that this may perhaps be a bit ambitious…
On the other hand I have just about 6 months to train for it, and if I’m honest my current running is about 50% walking at the moment, so doubling my pace, means actually running all the time.

Cathy, JogBlog on twitter, and of course author of Jog Blog, pointed me in the direction of Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training Schedules and they seem quite simple & straight forwards, as she said on twitter, they have non of the faffy 8x200m tempo rubbish, the sort of stuff I’m guaranteed not to actually do.
So the 18 week program has been logged into my Google calendar (see over there at the top right?)

But before those 18 weeks of swearing stupidity, I have the Great Manchester 10k. As I’ve quite normally booked myself into the 1hr slot for this, I’m not too worried. After yesterday afternoons run, I just have 12 weeks to double my speed & fitness to reach that goal.
I’ve found a training plan on the Nike+ site that schedules in a few 8 mile runs, and ends nicely with a 10k, so that’s been plugged into the google calendar, and it fits almost perfectly into the time I have, with about a week between the 10k & the 18 Week countdown. perhaps during this week off I’ll eat cake & beer? Probably not.

To be honest I’ve been looking at the pace calculator things you can find online & I’m a bit frightened by the pace they keep throwing out at me. But they are just numbers and I feel like I have nothing to relate them too. So I’m 50/50 on going to go out tonight & doing a mile at the marathon pace, just to put something real behind the figures I keep seeing. And possibly motivate myself to step away from OHMYGODWHATHAVEIDONE?! edge. I know there are a lot of strategies when running marathons, I keep reading things about splits & there are a few calculators that will give you a differing pace for each mile, letting you tailor it to a fast start or sprint finish, but I’m just aiming for an over all steady pace. At least I am right now, I haven’t even gotten my trainers on yet!

Anyway I digress…


            Target          dream  / real   / settle for
Manchester 10k        50min / 55min / 60min

Liverpool Marathon  4 hrs / 4:30 hrs / 5 hrs

Wish me luck?!

>OhshitOhShitOhShit! I’ve entered a MARATHON!


>I really have! It’s the Mersey Marathon, although I should stop calling it that because officially it’s the RunLiverpool Marathon. I entered this morning whist my dearly beloved was sleeping in some kind of hangover / exhaustion coma from the birthday party he went to last night. The reason I’ve entered is it’ll scare me into getting fitter & sticking to my diet. I’ve lost 13lbs since November, but keep cracking open the cake & chocolate, and trying to drink beer in between breastfeeding. That does not add up to a healthy lifestyle..
I have to run through the Mersey Tunnel! I have to run OUT the Mersey Tunnel, that’s certainly a hill! That’s most certainly a reason to get fitter & lesser podge…

That’s seriously the bit I’m worried about, not the 26 and a bit miles, not the time to completion… the hill out the Mersey tunnel. Just watch the video.

RunLiverpool Marathon Course from RunLiverpool on Vimeo.

On less of a I shit my pants note, I ran my best 5k this year (ok it’s only the 2nd one this year too) but it was 46 min 50 sec.

I’m frustrated because there’s a younger healthier & pregnant woman running better than I am. It’s me 12 months ago & I just can’t believe I’m this unhealthy. What did I do to myself?! Can all the chocolate and cake really have put me in this bad a shape?!

Right, I’m off to have a shower & think about setting some running goals / target times.

>Frell me… it’s cold


>It’s cold, draz cold & if I had any mivonks they’d have frozen off.

that’s enough Farscape, on to the running.

Only a 15 minute run, I was starving & wanted to go home & eat with everyone else.
But with the knowledge that I’ve ran every day so far & managed not to starve to death whilst out I laced up & made my move. Not too quickly, I was weak with hunger.

1.23km later food was in my belly.

and now I’m exhausted, I’m going to curl up on the couch & knit socks.