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#NaBloPoMo – I post memes.



Monday, November 11, 2013 If you had to be trapped inside a movie for 5 days, which movie would you pick?

This is actually a really hard question! Because the film I’d want to be trapped in is the one I mentioned the other day, Aliens.

However, I just need about 6 months notice, so I can workout & get really fit, as I don’t think I’d last 5 minutes otherwise.

If I don’t have 6 months to get as fit as Vasquez I think I’ll just opt for going into Star Trek, the new one, I think I’d wear a red shirt.


#NaBloPoMo is like an easy #Janathon!



Friday, November 8, 2013 Tell us what you’ve learned so far about daily blogging.

Today’s post continues with what may be seen as a bit of a flippant tone, but really, NaBloPoMo, so far has been much easier than #Janathon.
For a start I only have to blog, and someone has given me a prompt on where to start, yes I have to work out how to be entertaining at the weekend, but I don’t have to do it after a run through cold January rain. Nor do I have to think up a way to make walking to the shop with my son sound like an honest attempt at activity, rather than the errand it actually is.

#Janathon taught me about planning, and the pleasure of smelly kit, and getting a little creative in order to stay in the game.

#Juneathon taught me how to blog in secret, and how if I’ve only told myself I’m doing something, I’ll probably be more successful than if I share the goal with too many people. (Alright blogging and twitter doesn’t count)

#Juneathon also taught me, blog on your phone, but check it out on the compute every now & again, as sometimes it can look wonky.

Who’s doing #Janathon this year? Is registration open yet?

#NaBloPoMo Names



Thursday, November 7, 2013 If you had to switch your first name, what name would you choose and why?

Well technically, I have.
I’m Millie, it’s not my name. My name is Amelia. I haven’t used it since I was 15 (ish.)

Why did I change? Because I thought Millie was a cooler, and easier to pronounce than Amelia.

I remember my mum telling me that the midwives, at the hospital I was born in, suggested I be called Bernadette, as I was born on St Bernadette’s day. Although I can’t remember why she picked Amelia, possibly just to spite the midwives.

There’s no massive reason behind changing to Millie, when I was 15 I moved from Bedforshire to Lancashire, and the complete change of location have the chance to do a straight change. And my first day at my new school I just introduced myself as Millie, and that was that.

I think I read that Millie was an abbreviation or nickname for Amelia. I didn’t pick it to be named after a super star or someone else.

So if I had to change my first name I’d choose Millie.

#Govember !




#Govember was dreamed up last week, while I was lamenting that I had done nothing, not one jog or blog, since the end of #Juneathon.

Since then I’ve actually done some exercise, but I really like the idea of #Govember, so I’m going to give it ago, and you’re welcome to join me.

What is #Govember?

Well, just something to motivate you & and get you going through out November. (Did you see what I did there? Going > #Govember eh?)

So I’m going to use #Govember to get me going for more running & I’m also going to blog more.

Other suggestions include harassing Michael Gove on twitter, giving Veganism a go (November is Vegan Month after all).

If you do fancy joining me in #Govember, then let me know, it might inspire me to create a better logo for it. (November is grey, that’s about all the inspiration I had)

And if you tweet, blog or record your efforts in any way, then I’ll make sure I check out how you’re going too.

So who’s going to join in #Govember?

#Juneathon Day 22: Curry


I ran this evening in the rain. My legs tired and bored off all the running, and the rest of me unimpressed by the rain dripping off the branches & down the back of my neck.

It was horrible, and not the 1st time this month I’ve wondered where the bloody hell summer is!

I arrived home a few moments before a take away delivery arrived. I felt less miserable once I sat down to eat.


#Juneathon Day 9: I plot world / Preston domination


Today’s run was 30 min & I covered 3.34km, I didn’t feel as tired as yesterday. I even remember smiling during part of it.

I went to the LadyFest Preston Meet up, and I think I might be setting up a festival, and I’d like to set up a running club as part of the LadyFest too.

It’s 18 weeks until the LadyFest starts, so there’s time to complete a Couch to 5k & have the “graduation” on the Festival weekend.

Anyone have any advice on how to set up a running club?

I can do amazing things… Honest.


I’ve been having trouble believing that I am actually
capable of getting fit & loosing weight. I haven’t helped
myself, I have been loosing & gaining & loosing
again the same 4lbs this month, and instead of trying to record a
food diary or looking at actually doing some excersise I have just
chommped into some cake and sulked (quite) abit, and lamented that
I am actually incapable of getting below 13stone, and then ate come
biscuits. So I am sat writing this blog post, ready to stroke my
own ego & get back on the wagon, wearing my Liverpool
Marathon medal.


 Because I never ever thought I’d run
a whole marathon. Not even when I was doing it. Running / walking
around Sefton park took my will to live & I almost gave up.
But I  did actually complete it
& I have the Tshirt & the bling to prove it.
So I think I might just carry around my medal for the next few
days.  Just to remind myself how I can actually achieve
amazing things and I don’t always give up when I want to. (I’m
actually trying to think of a way to turn the ribbon into some sort
of bracelet or the medal into something I can put on a key chain as
I don’t think I can carry it off as fashion bling) So there I am,
proof I can do something that takes a long time & effort, I
can completed the task in hand even when I think I don’t want to
any more. And with this self declared awesomeness I have booked
myself onto a gym class & took my current body measurements
to compare to in a month. Anyone have
further suggestions for how to have a remind yourself of
how amazing you are? I’m English, so this doesn’t tend to come
naturally to me.

Weigh In & Geek Out


Ok, it’s the summer holidays, and I’ve practically been binge eating since I completed the 30 Day Shred, so it wasn’t really a surprise that I’ve gained weight this week & am back down to 1.5kg lost.

I’m not too down, I’m still taking measurements every week too, and all the sit ups at Boxfit must be paying off because I’ve lost another inch off my waist. *insert happy joy dance here!*

Taking Measurements

I was using just a generic sheet of squared paper, but then I thought I could do better & it’s a new month, so I made my own. It’s my “Zero to Superhero tracker”! I made myself sign a pledge too, you know, so everyone who walks past the thing posted on my cupboard knows my impending accident with radioactive spiders / gamma rays / alien alteration / ect.

If you click on the image you’ll be able to see it better, it’s supposed to be printed out A5, you’re welcome to print it &  join me in my journey too, I really do recommend colouring in your own version of the super woman. I think I’ll be awesome in red & black. ( But please don’t steal it & say it’s your own, or charge anyone for it.)

This was supposed to be completed & posted yesterday, but I just never got around to completing it in time, but I did weigh in yesterday.

I’m also really excited as I’ve wrote my 1st ever training plan all by myself (with a little help from the internet) I’m going to post it tomorrow, it’s for the Preston Guild Marathon, and there’s still time for people to join me!

I’ll apologise now if I spam too much about it. I’ve very proud of myself.


Weigh in Thursday?


Honestly I did weigh in yesterday morning, it’s just taken me 30 hours to actually get 5 min peace & within arms reach of my laptop.

So after a weekend of no tracking food & a little bit of cheating, I’m town another 0.5kg to 2.2kg lost, not quite the 2.5 I was aiming for, but I’m happy & I’m certainly not going to beat myself up about it.

I think I’m going to try setting a “mini Goal” & reward, I’ve never bothered with it before, but I see lots of people saying how motivation it is, and how it helps them keep on track. It does make sense, a smaller journey is easier to do, and it’s actually how I break down my long runs. Get to 10k & I’ll let myself have a sweet, get to 15k and I can have 2 sweets, ect.

When I’ve lost another 2.7 kg and gone from being in the 80’s to the 70’s I will reward myself with some new & cool  glasses.

I know, that sounds so dull, what can I say, I live life on the edge in my house. But it’s the only small thing I can think of that isn’t too expensive & isn’t rewarding myself with food.


#WeighInWed, with some #Juneathon too


[EDIT: this is a very long post, in the interests of your #Juneathon reading time the TLDR version is like this;Ate too much while the Queen had a party, joined Slimkicker, did some excersises at home, went for a short run ’cause its #Juneathon]

Was it just me or did the 4 days of the Jubilee mean an extra few pounds (LBS & £££)  of bad food choices every day? God Bless the Queen & all that jazz, but please can we celebrate the 65th by having salad & fruit? (Fruit in Pimms may count & celery & tomato juice in Bloody Marys could coun twice) That way I won’t think that

Tough Mudder logo

Tough Mudder logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the Jubilee is a justified reason to buy a bag of haribo every day, eat a giant bag of Revels in one night, and consume vast amounts of BBQ’d meat and croissants for breakfast.

So is it any wonder that I had to unfreeze my BeeMinder Graph this morning?! and I’m just writing off all of May, and counting the 23 weeks till Tough Mudder and checking the calendar for any other Event Excuses to stop me getting in shape & getting less fat.

I’ve also found a app/site that fuels my need for points/gold stars/level ups that’s also a diet/nutrition tracker. (Good grief there’s an awe full lot of slashes in that sentence!) It’s called Slimkicker, and I think it’s still in Beta stages, there’s no where for me to find out how many people are using the site, but I think it’s around a thousand or so. It’s a little clunky on the app, and adding food is not as quick & easy as on other apps (like with MFP for example) but it does have two mechanics that make me think it should be a little more motivating.

Firstly, it’s like Fitocracy but for food!

Everything you log into your tracker gets you points, good things, like servings of fruit or healthy fats, get more points than others, I don’t think there’s a food that won’t give you any points. The points all add up & eventually you level up, and if the glow you get when you move from level one up to level two isn’t enough, you can also set rewards. When I reach Level Five I will reward myself with a trip to the Urban Decay counter, but I’m still only level Three, so I have a few weeks to go.

Secondly, there are challenges.

Yes, yes, this also sounds like Fitocracy too, but there are slight differences. You have to join the challenges, Slimkicker isn’t going to automatically give you the points if you log things, so there’s no accidently scoring points for something you aim to do, and the challenges aren’t all about food. They’re split into 4 categories;

  • willpower – e.g “No Snacks After 3pm”
  • fitness –  e.g “20 Push Ups a Day”
  • emotional – e.g  “Daily Gratitude Prayer”
  • nutrition – e.g “A Salad A Day”

These are just one of the challenges in each area, and if you can’t find one that grabs you, there’s the option to create your own. I’m currently in 5 challenges;

  1. Loose 10lbs in 30 days
  2. 10 Push Ups a Day (for 7 days)
  3. 10 Wall Squats a Day (for 7 days)
  4. 10 Normal Squats a Day (for 7 days)
  5. 10 Lunges a Day (for 7 days) – this is one I created, if I’m squatting I might as well do some lunges too.

So you check in everyday, and get a little bonus boost to your points, keeping you focused on the tasks in hand & keeping you accountable, but if you fail or fall off the wagon, then there’s also a restart option, requiring you to stay honest with yourself. I restarted the “No snacking after 7pm” challenge several times, this weekend, and now I’ve given up on that, as it currently seems impossible.

The downside of it all is the current size & it’s American base, I find myself having to create a lot of foods, compared with the more established trackers out there, it’s a little tedious to do. The app isn’t as nice as the website, but it seems that the developers are listening & they seem to pay attention to the post put on the forums, so suggestions go a long way.

Anyway… #Juneathon!

Aside from the parkrun I did at the weekend I haven’t honestly done much excersise or running for Juneathon, but today I will commit & start doing something everyday & writing shorter blogs about it too! What did I do today;

  1. Planks (20sec, 25 sec
  2. Wall Push Ups ( 2 sets of 10 reps)
  3. Body Weight Squats (2 sets of 10 reps)
  4. Body Weight Lunges (2 sets of 5 reps)
  5. Wall Squats (2 sets of 5, holding for 5 secs each)
  6. Leg Lifts (2 sets of 10)
  7. Running 7.18km (58 min)