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Twice in one week!


Look at this! This is me, in the gym again!

At the gym again!

I’m feeling quiet proud of this trip. It required planning and preparation, rather than scrabbling my things together because I feel guilty enough to make myself go.

I had a whole day of learning and an exam at the end, and I really didn’t feel like doing it. But I’d packed my kit into my bag at 8am and pretty much forced myself into the gym at 4pm. I won’t do anything to suggest that the session was intense, or that I actually did much work at the gym. But I was there, and I was sweaty at the end of it all, AND getting there twice in one week is more than I did in the whole of August!


I’ve been busy…


Seriously, I’ve been really busy.

Since April, I won a competition for funding to start my own business, ran a Mega Game and managed a successful Kickstarter campaign.

It’s not really left much time for anything else. I’ve basically been stuck to a phone or my laptop since then end of April.

Today was the first time I went to the gym in about 5 weeks.

Millie in the gym

It was good, I think I spent more time adding and taking weights off bars than I actually did lifting them, and I spent a rather boring 15 min on a cross trainer, but it was good. Shockingly I haven’t forgotten how to pick up slightly heavy things and then put them back down again.

So now I’m feeling all self-righteous, I’ve planned all meals for the rest of the week, ordered a food delivery and I’m planning on going to the gym Wednesday. I’ll be ready for the 2016 by the end of August.



Hello. I’ve gotten fat.

RFTQ Banner

It’s been a while, I’ve not been up to much. I’ve actually just sat on my arse and gotten fat.

Anyway, I’m in love with recording and producing my own podcasts.

I think I’ve made myself more upbeat & happy than I am in person. Let’s see how long that lasts.


Squat jumps and walking lunges.

A photo posted by Millie (@runforthequiet) on

There’s proof I went to a gym at least. I ventured into the weights room, all by myself, and after forcing myself to do a whole heap of squat jumps and walking lunges on this track bit, I picked up weights and put them down again. It was an achievement.

Here’s to getting back down to just overweight, and onwards to healthy BMI.

Marathon number 3, training begins.


Yada yada “the long road to 26.2” blah blah blah, I did some running.

It did take me quite a long while to complete my 1st real run of 2014, I haven’t really done anything for a while. #Janathon doesn’t count, it was mostly a effort to see how I could make something I was already doing sound like I was actually trying to get fit.

This time I am actually trying to get fit, although I’m mainly looking forwards to the large amount of delicious carbs I can eat & claim “I’ve got a long run.”

This weekends “Long Run” is just over 10km. Based on todays running effort, I expect it to take about a week to complete.

Best bit of todays 6.4km treadmill trundle? The Sudoku game on the fancy new treadmills. Although it is quite hard to pick the right box on a small grid, on a touch screen, when you’re running . It took me 13:12 min to do the Sudoku, I felt very clever.

I also wore my new trainers, and they were good, different but good.

Next run Thursday, another 6.4km. Perhaps I’ll venture outside?

It’s cold outside! Do ALL the #Blogging things!


Mostly do all the blogging things indoors, because it’s wet & cold here in Lancashire.

Yesterday I had my second session with Lewis from Impact Training, and it was great. I have less DOMS that last week, it’s easier to lift my brew & my food diary wasn’t the embarrassing shame I though it would be.  I have homework this time too. (Drink water, actually do some exercise and have another go at a meal diary.)

I actually bought a bottle of water today, I drank some of it, but I forgot to bring it home with me & I left it in the brew area at work. I have planned a trip to the gym Sunday night, so possibly come Monday I’ll be ready for another try at a more planned food diary.

I was reading blogs on the bus, because I spend a surprising amount of time on the bus, and Helsiboo‘s blog ( got me a little interested in #NaBloPoMo. Because we all know I’m a sucker for a monthly challenge theme thing right?

NaBloPoMo_November_blogroll_largeBasically, I’m going to blog everyday for November, like #Jan / #Juneathon, but with less physical effort. The people at NaBloPoMo have prompts to get you going.

Friday, November 1, 2013 If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it by nightfall, what would you do with the money?

What would I do besides the regular pay off credit card, buy house & pay for it to be made zombie proofed (because we all know zombie proof = self sufficient / off grid & I’d love a house like that!)?

I’d like to say lots of really philanthropic things, or possibly really deep & meaning full things, but I must have played to many board games or RPGs as I’m wondering about the rules of spending this money, more than what I’d actually spend it on.

For instance, if I only have till night fall to spend it will it be taken away from any people I spend it with? What about the stuff I buy with it? Will that be returned in the morning too? What happens to the money at the end of the day?

Then I’m thinking that I’ll just make an experience out of it all, go to the local swimming baths & put 100 bath bombs in it, just for the giggles. Take all the kids in my daughters school to the Science Museum in Manchester, and pay for the all Science Grrls to come talk to everyone there.

But again, I start feeling guilty, if this money vanishes in the morning, does that mean it’s also going to vanish from the accounts of anyone I spend it with? How mean would that be to the venues, retailers & workers that I’ve just ripped off with this “fairy gold.” That rules out philanthropy and donating massive amounts of it to local charities too. How horrible would that make me? I can just read the news articles now:

“Woman donates Monopoly money to local charities.

“What kind of cruel hearted ginger would do that?” ask local kids charity founder after the huge donation turned out to be worthless. The charity workers had been delighted with the donation, made at 3pm on Friday afternoon, and promised the orphans a really amazing weekend party to celebrate, but when it came to pay for the party food and cakes their bank declined funds. The children are still crying. “

Clearly I have issues. I can’t even have imaginary fun with imaginary money without worrying on the consequences.

So if you’ve found my blog through NaBloPoMo and you’re wondering what sort of person I am, and why I have a blog called Run for the Quiet. That’s your answer, I Run for the Quiet, because otherwise my head comes up with terrible, terrible worst case scenarios. I need to go running, else I’ll possibly start blaming myself for the financial crisis, the badge cull and have some convoluted reason for why I’m the harbinger of the apocalypse, that’s probably going to happen just before  something really nice you’ve planned (sorry about that BTW)

The fact that I haven’t actually been running since July could explain the tone of this post nicely.

See you tomorrow!

#Govember !




#Govember was dreamed up last week, while I was lamenting that I had done nothing, not one jog or blog, since the end of #Juneathon.

Since then I’ve actually done some exercise, but I really like the idea of #Govember, so I’m going to give it ago, and you’re welcome to join me.

What is #Govember?

Well, just something to motivate you & and get you going through out November. (Did you see what I did there? Going > #Govember eh?)

So I’m going to use #Govember to get me going for more running & I’m also going to blog more.

Other suggestions include harassing Michael Gove on twitter, giving Veganism a go (November is Vegan Month after all).

If you do fancy joining me in #Govember, then let me know, it might inspire me to create a better logo for it. (November is grey, that’s about all the inspiration I had)

And if you tweet, blog or record your efforts in any way, then I’ll make sure I check out how you’re going too.

So who’s going to join in #Govember?

Where have I been?


If  you follow me on Twitter, you’ll most likely know the answer to that question.

I’ve been making LadyFest Preston. I’ve had a lot of help, but basically since it’s inception in May, it’s pretty much taken over my life.

The last time I had done any real activity was at the end of Juneathon, and that’s rubbish! I’ve become soft, and lazy and stuck in a rut of “tomorrow, I’ll run tomorrow.” I knew in my heart that I just needed to do the first step, but there was always something more to do, like eat another pizza, or watch another episode of Stargate, even though I’ve seen them ALL.

I’ve been Umhing & Ahhing about giving up my gym membership, but I know that after a few weeks, especially in the fast approaching winter, I will give up on the whole “Yipee lets go running in the rain!” kick, and revert back to the “ooh pizza on offer” mind set. So I’ve booked a personal trainer instead.

Impact Training

Lewis from Impact Training come to my house & (nicely) shouted at me and encouraged me to do an hour of exercise, and it took 3 days for the DOMS to subside.  It was really good, but for all of the next day I found it near impossible to lift my cup of coffee.

I’ve been given homework too. I need to record 3 days of food, and actually start drinking water. The food journal I’ve been doing alright. Water, well, I had a cup of tea, that counts right?

While waiting for Lewis to arrive I was tweeting about needing another #Janathon / #Juneathon type event to keep me moving & motivated, and with @runbritchick & @Jogblog (that’s Claire & Cathy if you’re not into Twitter) we come up with #Govember & #Decathon.

Now #Decathon sounds like I’d have to start doing other things, like riding a bike & swimming and  8 other events, so I’m going to give that a miss (this year at least) and give #Govember a try.

I think I’ll have a go at writing a few short guidelines for #Govember & post about it tomorrow. (Which is also code for, “I need to get off the internet & feed my kids and do some laundry”) I might even make a logo.