Yada yada “the long road to 26.2” blah blah blah, I did some running.

It did take me quite a long while to complete my 1st real run of 2014, I haven’t really done anything for a while. #Janathon doesn’t count, it was mostly a effort to see how I could make something I was already doing sound like I was actually trying to get fit.

This time I am actually trying to get fit, although I’m mainly looking forwards to the large amount of delicious carbs I can eat & claim “I’ve got a long run.”

This weekends “Long Run” is just over 10km. Based on todays running effort, I expect it to take about a week to complete.

Best bit of todays 6.4km treadmill trundle? The Sudoku game on the fancy new treadmills. Although it is quite hard to pick the right box on a small grid, on a touch screen, when you’re running . It took me 13:12 min to do the Sudoku, I felt very clever.

I also wore my new trainers, and they were good, different but good.

Next run Thursday, another 6.4km. Perhaps I’ll venture outside?