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#NaBloPoMo – I post memes.



Monday, November 11, 2013 If you had to be trapped inside a movie for 5 days, which movie would you pick?

This is actually a really hard question! Because the film I’d want to be trapped in is the one I mentioned the other day, Aliens.

However, I just need about 6 months notice, so I can workout & get really fit, as I don’t think I’d last 5 minutes otherwise.

If I don’t have 6 months to get as fit as Vasquez I think I’ll just opt for going into Star Trek, the new one, I think I’d wear a red shirt.


#NaBloPoMo & #Govember


So I feel like I should make a #Govember post.
I have been making an effort to go more, I haven’t managed to go running yet, but I have done 4 workouts, 2 at home and 2 classes at the gym.

On Friday night I went to Body Combat. It’s one of the Les Mills classes. I found this one a bit weird. It’s based around boxing & martial arts moves, and it’s the only one that doesn’t have a “technique” class in my area. Both Body Combat & Body Pump have a one class a week with a mini 15 minute class before where the instructor shows you the basic sort of moves and how not to do stuff, so that you don’t hurt someone or yourself. But there are none in Preston for that, so I hung out at the back and flapped about more than normal.

It was alright, I defiantly felt like I’d done an hour of excersise.

So I’ve being “going more”, next step it to pay attention to my diet a little more. Go go gadget nutrition!

#NaBloPoMo – a rubbish post!


So it’s the weekend, and that means NO PROMPTS!

What entertaining waffle can I come up with to keep you entertained for mere moments?
I’ve no idea, today has been draining. I was supposed to go and work today, meet 100s of people and show them ALL the beautiful things, all the Christmas things, but unfortunately a child was poorly, And instead I stayed at home, and did the same 4 jigsaws 19 million times, whilst answering questions about everything from why is Chewbacca hairy, and what happens if you only eat treats. (He just is, and you get fat, if you want to know)

If there was ever a day I would quite fancy a nice quiet run, it was today. But I instead I ate too many chips & a pie (I’m 92% Northern, if you’ve seen / taken the Facebook quiz) and now I’m watching terrible movies on TV.

So I hoped you loved that sneak peek into my Saturday. I’m going to carry on with the TV, but possibly think up a few slightly more interesting things to blog on the weekends.

#NaBloPoMo is like an easy #Janathon!



Friday, November 8, 2013 Tell us what you’ve learned so far about daily blogging.

Today’s post continues with what may be seen as a bit of a flippant tone, but really, NaBloPoMo, so far has been much easier than #Janathon.
For a start I only have to blog, and someone has given me a prompt on where to start, yes I have to work out how to be entertaining at the weekend, but I don’t have to do it after a run through cold January rain. Nor do I have to think up a way to make walking to the shop with my son sound like an honest attempt at activity, rather than the errand it actually is.

#Janathon taught me about planning, and the pleasure of smelly kit, and getting a little creative in order to stay in the game.

#Juneathon taught me how to blog in secret, and how if I’ve only told myself I’m doing something, I’ll probably be more successful than if I share the goal with too many people. (Alright blogging and twitter doesn’t count)

#Juneathon also taught me, blog on your phone, but check it out on the compute every now & again, as sometimes it can look wonky.

Who’s doing #Janathon this year? Is registration open yet?

#NaBloPoMo Names



Thursday, November 7, 2013 If you had to switch your first name, what name would you choose and why?

Well technically, I have.
I’m Millie, it’s not my name. My name is Amelia. I haven’t used it since I was 15 (ish.)

Why did I change? Because I thought Millie was a cooler, and easier to pronounce than Amelia.

I remember my mum telling me that the midwives, at the hospital I was born in, suggested I be called Bernadette, as I was born on St Bernadette’s day. Although I can’t remember why she picked Amelia, possibly just to spite the midwives.

There’s no massive reason behind changing to Millie, when I was 15 I moved from Bedforshire to Lancashire, and the complete change of location have the chance to do a straight change. And my first day at my new school I just introduced myself as Millie, and that was that.

I think I read that Millie was an abbreviation or nickname for Amelia. I didn’t pick it to be named after a super star or someone else.

So if I had to change my first name I’d choose Millie.

#NaBloPoMo Ch-Ch-Changes



Wednesday, November 6, 2013 If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Stand by, because this is slightly cheesy, and a tiny bit obvious…

Nothing. I change not one thing.

Honestly, I’m happy, and yes there are things about me that aren’t perfect, but those are my own faults and mostly involve either a lack of coffee or excess of cake, and I need to fix them myself, not pick myself apart and wish for a magic wand.


#NaBloPoMo Doing it all over the place.



Tuesday, November 5, 2013 Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?

Well it’s all in the title really, this post is brought to you from the bus journey to work. Here look at my amazing view;


Beautiful wet & rainy Preston Lancashire at 8:20am! Also I’m squashed into my chair by another passenger. It’s charming.

I do most of my posts through my phone, it’s rare that I use a computer for it. Sometimes I steal my daughters Nexus, but it has a pink case I don’t like.

I think one of my most read blog posts was written on a packed train from Preston to Manchester, and I blogged all of #Juneathon this year on my phone too.

I love my phone! I organized most of LadyFest Preston on the bus in the mornings via my phone. I do most of my shopping via my phone, and I don’t think I’ve ever logged into twitter on my laptop since it was available on my phone, so so long ago!

So my writing space isn’t anyplace in particular, it’s just where I have access to the internet.

Look, still on the bus;


#NaBloPoMo Back to the Prompts!



Monday, November 4, 2013 Who is your favourite character of all time?


This is an easy question.
I’m a Sci Fi geek and Aliens was one of the first ever real Science Fiction movie I watched.
I’m a feminist and Aliens was one of the first ever feminist movie I watched.

It was awesome! Things explode, it’s jump-out-my-seat scary, it’s on another planet, there’s robots, and it’s not a guy in the lead role!

There’s no hysterics, there’s no love scene, plus the other characters don’t treat her any differently than they would if the role was male. And I was introduced to the movie by a boy, (yes a teenage boy I fancied) and he didn’t think it was a girls film, there was a moment when he was describing the film to me where he said “oh Ripley is a girl,” it was a secondary thing for her to be female, it wasn’t the main function of her character, to a 13 year old Millie that was amazing and a little mind blowing.

When I first saw it I loved how strong Ripley was, she carries a kid and attacks aliens as she going, she drives the powerloader & throws the queen alien out the air lock. That’s cool!

Then I grew up (only a bit), I loved it even more, because Ripley was a strong person. There are times when you can see she’s scared, or really wishes she wasn’t on LV426 and had stayed home with Jonsey the Cat, but she gets on with it, there’s a job to do and she’s going to do it, because the line stops with her. Not because anyone else says so, she’s not a solider, or an expert, she’s just Ripley, and she’s not going to let this go any further.

So my favorite character is Ellen Ripley. The First Lady of Sci Fi.

#NaBloPoMo DietBet 10



Sunday means another blog without a NaBloPoMo prompt. But that’s ok, I’ve just weighed out of Round 2 in the DietBet I’m in, so you can hear my tale of woe instead.


First, incase you’ve never heard of DietBet before, it calls itself “social weight loss” and says that really there’s no real gambling as you’re in control of what you eat / how you work out, so it’s down to you if you win or loose. Normally you sign up to loose 4%!of your body weight in 28 days, it’s photo verification & there’s a secret pass code each time too.

I’ve done a few DietBet4, as they’re now called, and had variable success, and 2 months ago I was invited to join the beta for a 6 month long DietBet, called DietBet10.

I’ve got 6 months to loose 10% of my body weight, and half the monthly bet is saved for the final month, so there’s a massive incentive to stay through to the end.

I was a winner in the 1st round, but this month I’ve just weighed out with a weight that was almost the initial weight. I started the game with. I blame Halloween. Oh ok, I blame myself for eating poorly over the past week, and being foolish enough to have too many sweets around for Trick or Treat, and then, when it rained and no kids came to the door, eating most of them myself.

I’m not certain what will happen now I’m off the track, as this month I’ll have to loose more weight than expected to get back on track to have lost 10% by March 2014.

Any other NaBloPoMoers done / doing a DietBet, or something similar?

#NaBloPoMo Beards & Marathons




I was actually worrying about what on earth I was going to write today, what could I blog about, especially as I have spent the day at home with the kids & not done any exercise or running, and those are the primary topics of my blog. (Plus a little ranting too)

But never fear, Facebook has saved me.

About 2 years ago, I completed my 1st marathon (read about that here if you like > Liverpool Marathon ) then last year I tried my 2nd, the Preston Guild Marathon, and failed at mile 21 (I don’t think I’ve blogged that, perhaps I’ll do that for tomorrows NaBloPoMo.)

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon brand is coming to Liverpool this May, and it turns out one of my Facebook friends is running it. To quote the BBC News article about the marathon;

Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool - May 25, 2014

The concept will see over 20 bands perform along the route and a concert at the end of the race.

This year’s marathon in the city was cancelled after organisers could not agree a suitable route.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool Marathon will take place on 25 May, with a half marathon also taking part on the day.

Although the route has yet to be finalised, it is expected to start and end on the city’s waterfront and take in some of the most famous landmarks.

The route will be announced this week, and if it doesn’t do the horrible, horrible circuits around Sefton Park like the last Liverpool Marathon did, I might join in.


The other thing I’ve been doing this evening is watching the live feed of The World Beard and Moustache Championships. This gent in the picture is Nik, he’s from Exeter, and the company we work for (Lush) have helped him go out & compete.

I’ve been watching the live feed for most of the evening whilst knitting, and it’s actually one of the most bizarrely interesting things I have watched in a long time! There was even a Historical Dancing group and a marching band as part of the intermission entertainment.

I’ve posted a few photos to my twitter stream, there are some crazy beards out there. Serious time and effort to their upkeep. It’s been a weird evening.

Hows yours been?!