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Look Fit! #Juneathon is here!



Nothing like a Juneathon to break you out of a months blog silence!

If you have no idea what Juneathon is, well, it’s like Janathon, but theoretically warmer. If that doesn’t make sense to you the I suggest you visit the Juneathon site and learn about it there.


My first day of Juneathon was an 8am class at the gym on the opposite side of town.
Metafit is only a 30 minute class but it’s pretty fierce. All body weight training and all done in short sets. It’s a killer. I left the class half dead and with a soggy sweaty shirt. Then had to dive into the shower, get dried, dressed and on the bus to work in about 11 minutes.
I think it’s unfair that after a really hard gym class, and I put lots of effort in, I had to sprint for the bus!

I don’t think I’m going to run every day of Juneathon, but I will make sure I do at least 30min of activity every day. I have different gym classes booked for tomorrow & Monday, so I don’t think my 1st run will be until Tuesday.

I also set some goals for June this morning.


I’d like to point out, that I’m not giving up coffee, just the brand.

Wish me Luck, & good Luck to all #Juneathon participants!

#VegBoxChallenge – The First Box!


Haha! I did it! I cooked weird veg & ate it all & didn’t waste anything! Whoohoo!

veg box challenge

 Well mostly true.

Ok so perhaps that isn’t a huge feat of skill for a lot of people, but for me it was an achievement. I was a little apprehensive at the start of getting the veg box, because I have had them before & mostly wasted them, or taken too long to get to the actual cooking, and they have just started to rot in the box.



So what did I get…

#VegBoxChallenge I have some carrots, a cabbage, some potatoes, a pepper, some courgettes, an aubergine, also some vine tomatoes (not in the picture)

I thought I had some carrots, some courgettes  a red pepper, an aubergine  some vine tomatoes, some very knobbly potatoes and a cabbage.

Turned out, I had Jerusalem Artichokes NOT knobbly potatoes, and a celeriac NOT a cabbage. (Thanks Fi, for pointing that out) I guess veg identification is not big on my list of skills.

(It’s especially stupid when I worked out that on the side of the box is a sticker telling you what’s been taken out, because you asked them to, and what they put in instead)

 What did I cook (& eat)…

#vegboxchallenge -aubergine & olive nomeatballs.  Not sure about these, the mix was really wet. I had to put a lot of breadcrumbs in.  #abelandcole

Aubergiene “noMeatBalls”

Jerusalem Artichoke & Almond Rosti to go with my soup for lunch #vegboxchallenge #abelandcole

Jerusalem Artichoke & Almond Rosti

Really thick Carrot & Celeriac soup to go with my Rosti #vegboxchallenge

Really thick Carrot & Celeriac soup

Roasting my courgettes & red pepper (+ a sneaky sweet potato) #vegboxchallenge

Roasted courgettes & red pepper (with a sneaky non veg box sweet potato)

Salsa made with my vine tomatoes (was supposed to go with my nomeatballs but I've thrown them out & will eat it with my roast veg & some ciabatta) #vegboxchallenge all cooked up. Some good lunches for the rest of the week!

Salsa made with my vine tomatoes, plus some sweetcorn & a red onion


So the “noMeatballs” were from an Abel & Cole recipe & were a disaster, I think I put too many olives in with them, and so the ‘dough’ was really wet & sticky. I even baked them after frying them & they were still all wet & gloopy inside. Not a nice texture to eat. I left them a day in the fridge,  thinking possibly they would set, they didn’t and were the only thing I didn’t eat out the box.

The Rosti were great, I made them to go with the soup, and they were easily my favorite thing out of all my lunches. Grated Jerusalem Artichoke + some smashed up almonds + a little flour / fried in a little olive oil = AWESOME FOOD ! (I’m a little sad I didn’t get any this week)

Soup was made from the carrots & the “not really a cabbage” Celeriac. Never eaten a celeriac before, it was ok, think it might have been boring if it wasn’t with the carrots.

The soup & the rosti made an awsome 2 lunches, and had about 7 ingredients in total. While I was eating my lunch there was a packet of biscuits on the table next to me, 14 ingredients, not all of them were “real.” I suspect that quite a few of them were in the biscuits to keep them on the shelf longer. What ever they were, it made me feel smug & awesome whilst eating my lunch.

The roast veg & salsa were eaten together over 2 meals, nothing amazing about them, just tasty. Courgettes are alright, I suspect they may be better if you cook them less boringly. Kirschplunder turned hers into antipasta with cream cheese & it looks great!

What did I get this week?

#VegBoxChallenge week 2

I’ve went for a Fruit & Veg box this week.

White Onions, Spuds, Vine tomatoes, BEETROOT!!, and courgettes, pears, bananas and oranges.

Very excited for real beetroot, as this is one of the only veg my husband says he will tolerate. Plus, for some reason, the idea of cooking & roasting my own beetroot makes me smile!



I got older!


Yesterday I turned 32! Yippee?

It wasn’t a big celebration, I had planned on chips & pie for tea (yup rock n roll) but being quite lazy, the chip shop doesn’t deliver so I choose pizza, who do deliver. (This is very shameful, as the chip shop is about 1 minute walk away, with children) But it was a lovely candle lit dinner, as a friend had given me some candles for my birthday, and the pizza was very nice.

I didn’t really get, or treat myself, to any sporty type birthday gifts. (unless you count the motivation to run from eating ALL the pizza (and wedges and garlic bread)) The one thing I did get was SEASON 2 OF ZOMBIES RUN!
ZOMIES RUN SEASON 2! Oh yeah baby! Oh yeah! #zombie #zombiesRun #running #fitspo
I honestly have not been as excited about going out to run as I am today, for a very long time! I might even switch Zombie Chases on! I thought I’d already blogged about how awesome this app is, but a quick search of the blog doesn’t throw up any posts, so expect one in the next few days. Because it is awesome!


veg box challenge


I’ve also joined Kirschplunder‘s #VegBoxChallenge!

I think the name says it all, but you should head over to Johanna’s blog ( if you want all the details, also if you get there before Friday night, there’s the chance to win a £20 Abel & Cole voucher, make sure you check out the post from 13th April for details!

My 1st box is arriving Friday, so expect Instagram photos of odd shaped veg, and tweets asking for help, as my normal approach to cooking veggies, is either to blend it into soup, or to roast it with garlic and chillie.

Are you going to join? or have any top tips for being inventive with veg boxes?

What am I doing this April?


Besides turning 32, (Le sigh), I’m trying quite a few things.

I’m in love with Instagram this month & have been joining in with a daily photo challenge that’s all fitness inspired. My favorite photo so far is the progress shot my husband took.


I suppose it was my own fault for asking him to take a photo during the F1 qualifying. But he could have warned me, my face looks like I’m in a gurning championship. At least it will be a great photo to compare an after shot to. Anything will look better than this!


I’m also doing a squat challenge, every day I do more & more squats. I think the month started with 30 squats, and 10 have been added every day, with Sundays off, I’m 40 squats through the 100 I have to do today. I’ve found it easier if I spread them out across the day, but on the one day where I did do them all in the evening, it wasn’t too crippling & didn’t take too long. I’m not looking forwards to the 200+ towards the end of the month. But I wasn’t in love with the idea of doing more than 10 squats in one day at the start of the month.

I’m also running! I’ve downloaded Runkeeper (hasn’t it gotten snazzy since ast year?) and I’m going to run the Preston 10k in September. It’s £12 compared to the £30, or so, for the Mancherster 10k the entrance fee alone says I should do it! It’s a happy coincidence that there are 25 weeks until the 10k. That’s enough time to do both Runkeeper’s C25k and 10k training plans.

My 1st official training run is on 14th and what’s cooler is that my friend Maz wants to join me (well, that’s a stretch, a week or 2 she asked if she could try running with me & now I’ve told her we’re going to run 10k in 6 months time.) It’ll be interesting trying to fit in running, we both have jobs, we both have 2 kids & other halves who also work. So that 25th hour every day, and 8th day a week will come in useful!

I’m also going to give a new class a try, I love the Box Fit class I go to, but a fitness friend recommended a MetaFit class on Saturday mornings.

The Metafit™ bodyweight training system is an effective and simple tool for fitness professionals looking for the most effective group workout that gets big results and increases your revenue. To burn fat you need to change the resting metabolism, work big muscle groups with high intensity intervals and get quick results for your clients. The Metafit workout can be taught as a studio class, small group or as a one to one/personal training session.

Or so says their website. It sounds like a body weight version of Cross fit to me.

I guess I’ll let you know on Saturday evening.

So anyone have any big plans for April?

I can do amazing things… Honest.


I’ve been having trouble believing that I am actually
capable of getting fit & loosing weight. I haven’t helped
myself, I have been loosing & gaining & loosing
again the same 4lbs this month, and instead of trying to record a
food diary or looking at actually doing some excersise I have just
chommped into some cake and sulked (quite) abit, and lamented that
I am actually incapable of getting below 13stone, and then ate come
biscuits. So I am sat writing this blog post, ready to stroke my
own ego & get back on the wagon, wearing my Liverpool
Marathon medal.


 Because I never ever thought I’d run
a whole marathon. Not even when I was doing it. Running / walking
around Sefton park took my will to live & I almost gave up.
But I  did actually complete it
& I have the Tshirt & the bling to prove it.
So I think I might just carry around my medal for the next few
days.  Just to remind myself how I can actually achieve
amazing things and I don’t always give up when I want to. (I’m
actually trying to think of a way to turn the ribbon into some sort
of bracelet or the medal into something I can put on a key chain as
I don’t think I can carry it off as fashion bling) So there I am,
proof I can do something that takes a long time & effort, I
can completed the task in hand even when I think I don’t want to
any more. And with this self declared awesomeness I have booked
myself onto a gym class & took my current body measurements
to compare to in a month. Anyone have
further suggestions for how to have a remind yourself of
how amazing you are? I’m English, so this doesn’t tend to come
naturally to me.

Today’s Rant is brought to you by…


… by pretty clothes & pretty people. In. The. Gym.

And Gwyneth Paltrow.

Ok so looking good isn’t that bad, and I can generally ignore whatever weirdness comes out of Gwyneth’s mouth. But today they both blindsided me whilst trying to find some new gym clothes that weren’t marketed as either “flattering,” “fashionable,” or “stylish.”

It started this morning overhearing 2 women in the gym class I went to, saying how they choose the low impact parts, so they don’t sweat too much. As it was in between the sit up section & the running section, I kind of put  it in the “WTF” file & carried on. Then as I was leaving I noticed several of the women waiting for the next class were in full makeup. Again more “WTF” but you know I’m dying & need some water.

Then whilst looking for gym kit, (I have 1 sports bra that fits properly, and only 2 pair of pants) I just got fed up of all the mens clothes telling me how they were “made for performance” and about all the tech that went into their kit & then finding that the ladies stuff was mostly about “flattering,” “fashionable,” or “stylish” and comes in a choice of colors, mostly with pink.

Then Gwyneth chimed in. It was an interview with Oprah, and her trainer, about how she works out 6 days a week.

“Women should never lift more that 3lbs” ACTUAL HEAD EXPLOSION!

Not only should I not sweat during my gym time, and I need to wear stylish & flattering clothes, I can’t actually do anything that may build muscle or change my wobbly body into something stronger?!

This all resulted in a Twitter tantrum & @LungesandLycra got some of my point end because they happened to post about a clothing comp asking people to tweet a pic of their favorite workout gear.

To be honest it was a very English tantrum. I think I even said sorry at least once. But they did get me thinking a little, does the portrayal of female athletes make us look at how we are during sport?

I feel like this is a tantrum / rant that most ladies who take part in any fitness / sport has. It’s like the teenager who wants to paint their room black.

Oh and don’t get me started on #StrongIsTheNewSkinny, how about Strong is the new strong?!

So what about it? Am I having a childish tantrum? Am I making a fuss about nothing? What are your thoughts?

Should I not be bothered about women who want to be pretty in the gym?

Are their any clothing companies that don’t play the fashionable/ stylish / flattering card?

In Nature Tea Detox


For the 28 days of February I tried the In Nature Teas, Slim Tea detox.

I’d read Cathy’s review of the tea over at Planet Veggie & was ready for the fact that this tea really is leaves. Big leaves, because I thought what was in teabags were the dried up leaves. But these are giant by comparison, actual chopped up chunks of leaves, and I was still amused by the size of them.

The tea comes with a sheet I instructions and advice on how to brew the tea & also how to make the detox more effective. But I only skimmed through it and brewed my first cup.
As there was loads if tea in the pack, I wasn’t worried about running out of tea before the end if the month, and I put what I felt was a good number of leaves in to make a decent brew.

It’s a really nice light tea, not too strong taste, and it doesn’t leave a horrible coating in my mouth after drinking, like builders teas do.

The detox was certainly a challenge, drinking tea instead of coffee was a massive struggle, although I didn’t seem to get any of the horrible headaches I have experienced when cutting out coffee previously. I also didn’t murder anyone, which is always a winner.

I did get some really good nights sleep too, even with my 2 year old son trying his best to make me get up several times, I got up feeling quite refreshed and well rested.

Part of the advice the sheet included gives is to try to cut out dairy, and this part it seems was the best advice, as I’m 90% certain that I’m lactose intolerant. How shall I put this, the air was certainly fresher around me during the detox, than previously.

I really did struggle to loose weight this month though, and I failed my Dietbet. My weight went up and down all month, and I only lost 2lbs overall, but at several points I was down much more, and up much more. But I never expected the tea to work wonders and do the work for me, but my diet wasn’t terrible either, I’m going to chalk it down as “just one of those months” and not stress too much about it.

Was it worth it?
Yes. This month was the 1st time I’ve felt like I’ve had enough energy to actually do some excersise, and go to the gym, I’m going to say that it’s because I got some really good nights sleep, and was certainly drinking 2L, or more, of water/tea a day.
Plus cutting out dairy really has made a difference too.

Will I do it again?
Probably not. I LOVE my coffee, and honestly didn’t manage the whole 28 days without a sneaky caffeine hit, and while the tea is really nice, it’s not enough to tempt me away from my coffee. I’ll still drink the tea, even drinking 3+ cups a day, I still have lots of giant tea leaves left. And I have even considered swapping a coffee a day for tea for March. But I’m not going to do the whole 28 days again.

What am I planning this February?


Well, let me tell you!

I know, I’m always one to plan things and then just fail to update the blog & tell anyone about what I’ve done. I swear this month will be different! I’ve got it planned in my Google calendar & everything.

So 2 things are on the cards.

In Nature Teas


In Nature Teas Detox.

In the middle of December I spoke with Helen @ In Nature Teas about their January Detox challenge, and she kindly sent me some Lotus Tea and a tea strainer to take part in the challenge. I read a review of the tea by Cathy at Planet Veggie and thought it sounded quite nice. I’m a massive coffee fan, so it would be quite a challenge for me to swap it for tea.

Then I failed to do it. (See previous post about wimping out of Janathon & apply the same excuses)

So I’m going to do it for the 28 days of Feb. Better late than never eh?




DietBet Challenge

So this isn’t a new one for me, I took part in this for January, but didn’t really say much about it because I wanted to see if a) I could do it & b) see how it worked before I blogged about it.

I won the January Challenge & am now signed up for  a February Challenge too. I lost 9lbs in 28 days with the January Challenge & am currently waiting too see HOW MUCH MONEY I WON!

Sorry to shout about it but, being the capitalist money crazy woman I am, I am very excited about winning money for loosing weight.

The premise is simple. Bet money that you’ll loose 4% of your body weight in 28 days (my game was a $25 stake), try to loose the weight (7lbs for me) and if you do you get your money back. If you loose, your money is split between the winners. Easy.

So I’m signed up to Chispa’s $25 Fitocracy Challenge it starts on 1st Feb too, and hey, you can join in all the way up to 14th Feb, but you have less time to loose the 4%. (Please do join, more people = bigger money = more motivation for Millie!)

Anything else?

I am also thinking that I’ll try to do some 30 Day Shred, I’ve hardly done any real exercise this month, but I don’ think I’ll write that down as a promise, more of a hope.

Well, I failed at #Janathon!


Yup, most certainly I failed Janathon 2013, and have only completed 1 in 3 of the freezing blogathons.

So what are the excuses? Well I was ill, twice, and it was very cold, and I also just couldn’t manage to do work, family, exercises & blogging.

I did manage to have a bit of a pamper at a Spa in Liverpool, and also joined a DietBet weight loss competition, and lost 9lbs. So I feel like I achieved something.

So here’s to Junethon, and trying all over again!

#Janathon 15/16/17/18/19


I’m sucking at Janathon abit really aren’t I?
I’ve not done any real running and I’m not blogging every day and I’ve not logged anything either…

But this week I have been doing 30 minutes of some kind of exercising every day.
I’ve done the arm excersise video 3 times and I’ve even cracked out 30 Day Shred twice, and some searching around You Tube has found me a few other Jillian Michaels workouts, short ones, that I’ve followed and added 2 or 3 together to make a crippling workout that makes me cry inside. (Jillian would be proud)

I haven’t started my tea detox, but I will on Monday. I’m nervous about it, as it suggests cutting out dairy and (I think) caffeine, and I’m feeling abit wussy and not certain if I can do that without murdering people, and murdering people would be frowned upon at work.