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Jogg Box – Unboxing


Remember #Juneathon? Were some people ran & blogged everyday of June, and some of us ran for about 3 days, then entered the prize draw for a Jogg Box anyway because we’re a cheeky sod?

Yeah, I won a Jogg Box!

What is Jogg Box?

Well over on their website ( they say

JoggBox is a fun and exciting way to discover new running products and accessories. Each month, as a member, you will receive a box filled with the best nutrition running products out on the market. Discover also exciting new accessories and outfits designed to keep the perfect balance of comfort and style while running. The value of the items in a box is always bigger than the price you are paying for.

I love monthly subscription boxes, I just want to sign up for them all, because it’s like someone sending you a present every month. If only they were actually presents (or prizes like this one) and I didn’t need to pay for them! This one should have been £15 + £3 P&P, but you can get them a bit cheaper if you sign up for a Quarterly or Annual subscription.

What did I get?

All the goodies inside my Jogg Box

Lets start with the things I’ve tried before…


HIGH5 Sample pack & Energy Gel

I think the first #Juneathon I took part in someone was offering out HIGH5 samples, and I love freebies so I jumped on that band wagon, and I’ve been a fan of the HIGH5 stuff ever since. The gel were also what was on offer during the 1st Liverpool Marathon. I’ve got the Summer Fruits gel, which is good because I’ve never tried that one, and the drinks sachets I have are Cherry – Orange, I’ve never tried them either. So that will be fun.

Pulsin Vanilla Choc Chip Protein Snack

I got one of these in a Vegan Tuck Box (I’ve mentioned I like monthly subscription boxes right?) They’re vegan, soy free, gluten free and non GM. This is where you think they’re made of cardboard and dust and must taste the same, but they’re surprisingly tasty and there’s currently a little bit of a battle between me & my husband over who will get this one.

The other stuff…

Miracle Tree teas

I’ve got 2 tea bags, a Moringa Original & a Moringa Apple & Cinnamon. They say  “Miracle Tree Moringa is 100% vegan, gluten-free, Non-GMO, ethically sourced, and completely caffeine-free. Moringa is extremely nutritional plant, which is shown to have many health benefits and effects.” I’ve no idea what Moringa is but apparently it’s “carefully chosen by the artisans in Sri Lanka.”

SOS Rehydrate

At the end of the description for this it says “Taste salty.” Before that it says it’s a rehyrdation drink that prevents and combats mild to moderate dehydration in athletes. That should be good, the volume of coffee I drink in a day probably puts me in a permanent state of light dehydration. It’s also got 6 times more electrolytes than other sports drinks, because of SCIENCE!

Beet It Sport Shot

This is 98% concentrated beet root juice. I’m a little weirded out by that. I don’t know why, I’m a little nervous about trying it. I’m also amused that it suggests you should take it 1 to 12 hours before sport, so any time really just not while you’re actually out sportsing.

Good Hemp Nutrition Active Shake

It’s a protein shake that’s made of hemp. “It’s a complete natural source of protein to support your active lifestyle and immune system.” I’ve never tried a protein shake before, but it does say you can mix it with yogurts and cereals, so I might try it that way.

Halo Sports Wash

This is sports laundry detergent. I’ve never considered that my sports bras might need a different was to my everyday T shirts. It kills bacteria rather than masking smells, according to the packet. I might save this for #Janathon,(as there’s no way I can slack through that, Cathy has said I have to!) and give it a real challenge.

Due North Foot Rubz

This is a weird knobbly golfball thing. You kinda roll it about under your feet and it makes them feel awesome. I haven’t tried it yet, but I love having my feet rubbed, so I’ll give this a good testing over the next few weeks I think & report back.

Lastly the Jogg Box watter bottle

It supposed to hook over your jogging bottoms, I think it might pull my pants down, but I’m willing to give it ago.

There’s also a card with a discount for Sports Tape & another with a discount to Bobo’s Organic Juice too. But I’m probably not going to take them up on them.


#Juneathon Day 30: VICTORY! (And onwards!)


It seemed almost the second I got my running kit on, it started to rain.
Nothing new for Juneathon then eh?

A cold, wet & windy 30 min later, Juneathon 100% complete!

I’m proud. It’s only taken 3 attempts to achieve it, and I did it mostly in secret!


Juneathon was one of the three June goals. The other 2, well, that’s 50/50.

Drop 2% body fat
I weighed myself this morning & took all my measurements. No change. None.
I have actually have only lost 1lb in weight since the 1st January.
I’m slightly mixed in my emotions about this. I know I’ve eaten an awful lot of crummy food this month, a few cheeky beers and a good amount of sweets.

The annoying thing is that I didn’t take any measurements at the start of the year, so while I know I’ve lost a few inches, I’ve no idea how many, and I want the numbers to prove it dammit!

No Starbucks
I spent £1.65 in Starbucks this month, on fruit bread one Sunday morning, because nothing else is open in Preston.
My coffee shop cold turkey wasn’t 100% true, I had a few Neros & a fair amount off breakfasts from a local indie shop (they curdle soy milk, so no coffee from them) but nothing near the shocking amount I previously spent.

So onwards!


Home Cooked Meals
I did well cutting out the massively mediocre coffee and I’m going to attempt to change my terrible habit of buying breakfast or lunch, and start planning ahead & making my meals.
Also, I’ve recently fallen into the habit of buying junk oven meals, or pizza. I need to stop being lazy & start making Food.

30 Day Shred
One day off after Juneathon & I’m going to do 30 Day Shred. I’ve taken measurements, if I manage it, it should shift a few.

#Juneathon Day 29: urgh, is it wet everywhere else too?


Today, it seemed to rain as soon as I left the door.
I feel like this has been the most miserable & wet & cold Juneathon ever. I though this was supposed to be a warmer, drier version of Janathon.
(And I seem to be repeating myself, sorry readers, I know I’ve made this whine and moan before)

Today was a slow jog / walk, with less sulking than yesterday, but also much slower. I’m very much looking forwards to the last day tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll get up quite early and get it over & done with!

#Juneathon Day 28: bit miserable, mostly walked.


Today I got some news about a a course I’d applied for at work. I wasn’t successful & was devastated, I really wanted onto this training course. I was given some feed back about why I wasn’t selected, and I think it will take a few days to digest, and sulk, before I take it seriously, instead of personally.

So my run was full of replaying the interview, and things I thought I’d done well & also how it was the end of the world that I didn’t get onto the course.

But at least I ran.

#Juneathon Day 27: London


Today I have been to London & back.

The thought of running when I got home after 6 hours travel & 6 hours training was not a happy one.

So I with a little bit of thinking & planning, I got off the tube 4 stops early & walked to Euston to get my train home. It was a good 45 min walk, with a small distraction to buy Coffee & big distraction to buy discounted Washi tape & postcards. (I’m a sucker for a Paperchase sale!)

I didn’t run, but I’m still counting this as a Juneathon effort, if it wasn’t June I would have just stayed on the train, and I’m actually quite proud I managed to navigate my way from Leicester Square to Euston by foot, and not get lost or miss my train home.

The presentation went well, I’m really glad I did as much prep over the previous few days, it was a timed and would have been cut off if I went over. I ended with 1 second spare!

I’m going to sit back for the rest of my train journey home & enjoy looking at all my Washi tape, and never actually use it.

#Juneathon Day 26: Stressed & Pizza


I went running quite stressed, I’m going to London on Thursday, for training / interviewing. I have to make a presentation. I’m a little stressed by it.

And I’ve also done nothing but snack all day, so I probably shouldn’t have had pizza and then went for a “run.”

So it wasn’t a comfortable run, and because I couldn’t get the presentation out my brain, it wasn’t relaxing.


#Juneathon Day 25: Remove VAT on Sports Bras!


I was going to run much earlier than 10pm, I was going to, honest.
But the guest tweeter on The Women’s Room was tweeting about #WomenInSport and I got sucked in.

I’ll write more on another day (I’m just trying to keep up with Juneathon) but one thing I want to shout about is

Remove VAT for sports bras

I can understand that all other sports equipment has VAT on it, but if I want to do any kind of sport being female I need a sports bra, or further pain & injury will arrive. I’d even settle for VAT removed from the larger sized Sports Bras (as I know they aren’t made by many companies & cost £££) and if they were cheaper, I think I would help (not completely page the road with gold, just help) more ladies get into sport & activity more.

What do you think #Juneathon?
I also ran 3.2km, I wouldn’t have got that far without one.

#Juneathon Day 23: Are we sure it’s not #Janathon?


The weather here has been horrible, yesterday I was complaining about rain dropping on the back of my neck, today, I find a tree blown over on my normal route around the park.

Have you all been playing a trick on me, is it still Janathon? Am I Rip Van Winkle, and have actually slept for 6 months?

If I complain to the Met Office will they give me a gift card for a free summers day? (I’d save it for #Janathon)