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Posts about the other -athon. The colder one.

Well, I failed at #Janathon!


Yup, most certainly I failed Janathon 2013, and have only completed 1 in 3 of the freezing blogathons.

So what are the excuses? Well I was ill, twice, and it was very cold, and I also just couldn’t manage to do work, family, exercises & blogging.

I did manage to have a bit of a pamper at a Spa in Liverpool, and also joined a DietBet weight loss competition, and lost 9lbs. So I feel like I achieved something.

So here’s to Junethon, and trying all over again!

#Janathon 15/16/17/18/19


I’m sucking at Janathon abit really aren’t I?
I’ve not done any real running and I’m not blogging every day and I’ve not logged anything either…

But this week I have been doing 30 minutes of some kind of exercising every day.
I’ve done the arm excersise video 3 times and I’ve even cracked out 30 Day Shred twice, and some searching around You Tube has found me a few other Jillian Michaels workouts, short ones, that I’ve followed and added 2 or 3 together to make a crippling workout that makes me cry inside. (Jillian would be proud)

I haven’t started my tea detox, but I will on Monday. I’m nervous about it, as it suggests cutting out dairy and (I think) caffeine, and I’m feeling abit wussy and not certain if I can do that without murdering people, and murdering people would be frowned upon at work.

14/31 #Janathon – typing with my nose


I promised the Janathon Gods last time I posted, that if I
could recover from the deathly illness I had caught, then I would
stop being half arsed about Janathon and actually do some work. I
walked home from work, I think a 30 minute walk after a 9 hour day
isn’t too bad, but I was worried that I would be zapped by a bolt
of Janathon lightening, so I also did some excersises, with
weights. I’m typing with my nose on my
iPhone, as my arms might drop off. How I’m going to brush my teeth
later I don’t know!

9 / 10 / 11 #Janathon


I think the Janathon Gods, or the running Gods, you choose, have punished me for a half arsed attempt at Janathon, and the last 3 days I have been suffering with some sort of vile stomach trouble.
(Don’t ask, I’m a little scarred from it all, doubly so as my 2 year old son, who wears nappies, has it too.)

So here is my plea to the Janathon Gods

Please, from Monday I will behave, and I will run or I will excersise for at least 30 every day for the last 18 days of #Janathon. And if my end of month pay allows I will purchase a Janathon shirt too.

Just make me better! I hate my bathroom now!

#Janathon 8/31 – went to Liverpool, had a Facial


So that’s today’s excuse for not lacing up the trainers and going for a run.

I had the amazing Validation Facial at Lush’s newest (& biggest) Spa in Liverpool. It’s amazing and so relaxing. And I keep touching my face, because it feels awesome.

I knew I wouldn’t want to do anything afterwards. So I walked from home to the train station before hand. That’s actual mileage. (3 ish to be a little less vague) I went a distance further than my stairs, and longer than the minute plank I would probably be doing right now, if I hadn’t walked this morning.

I’ll run tomorrow. Honest.

I mean it.

6/31 #Janathon


Plank or running up & down the stairs, my Janathon dilemma.

I opted for Plank, and managed a minute and 3 seconds. BUT IT KILLED ME!

I have a week off work starting tomorrow, so if I can manage to tear myself away from knitting & drinking coffee I might get out there and do some running.

#Janathon 5/31


On the 5th day of Janathon, I remembered Planks are quicker than running up & down the stairs, and are less noisy too.

So I planked, for 8 seconds then 25 seconds, because I was embarrassed about only getting 8 seconds. I might even try to build up to a minute!

Yeah for silly simple excersises keeping me in Janathon!