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Posts about the other -athon. The colder one.

#Janathon Day 2 – Have I used this title before?


Yes, I probably have. I’ve been blogging for 5 years, #Jananthon is 5 years old. I’ve attempted to do every one of them. I’ve not managed to complete all of them. ( I might have to sneak through the archives and check, but I think I’ve only got all the way through one!)

I walked more today, from my home to the middle of Preston, just about 3km .Considering it’s possibly more movement than I’ve done in the past 30 days I’m adding it to the #Janathon column.

I have to say, a quiet walk this evening with just my headphones and some good music was what I needed. The Drama Llama has been out in force today and I think they come in herds.

Tomorrow I promise to actually run, put trainers on and go out around my local park, or possibly even parkrun.

#Janathon total; 5km



Let’s #Janathon


If you don’t know, I’m a host on Preston FM, it’s a community station in Preston & South Ribble, at the last listener survey we have about 27,000 listeners. Cool huh?

Cathy, Queen of #Janathon called me out of Facebook for not being signed up for this year, so I said I’d commit live on air & would she be free for a phone interview to tell us all about #Janathon! Cathy said yes, and here’s the 5 min interview from the show!


So what have I actually done for #Janathon, last year I walked to the shop with my son to buy a toy car. This year I reused the lame activity and went to my local supermarket for fresh veg.


If I hadn’t been drinking Berocca every day I’d possibly have died from malnutrition. No matter what I’d like to suggest, beer & cheese do not cover all the food groups, but has made up about 80% of the food I’ve consumed in the past week.

So you can imagine how dissapointed I was to see that there was actually NO FRESH veg at the store. I bought a tin of carrots and a tin of potatoes. Tomorrow, more walking, more veg.

Janathon total; 1.3km

So that #Janathon thing…


I tried and failed again.

I’m not bitter or upset, I’m just very aware that, if life was one of those All You Can Eat Buffets, then I’ve been greedy and piled up lots, #Janathon was just the extra bit I couldn’t quite eat.

I haven’t actually done any running this month, I’ve done quite a lot of extra walking, and the GymPact app has pretty much been what’s forced me into it. I blogged about the GymPact¬†App back in April 2013, but the app went through a bit of a renovation at the start of January and now just calls it’s self Pact.

This has lead to some confusion, just for me, when my emails arrive, as I also order fresh coffee through a company called Pact. They post fresh ground coffee every fortnight, and compared to going to a coffee shop for good coffee, for me, it’s a bargain.

Anyway, I’ve got sidetracked, and that’s possibly the same sort of reason I failed #Janathon. I’ve been doing too many things, and a very small amount of that has actually been exercised.

For me #janathon was over days ago, congratulations to you Heros who’ve gotten this far & good luck fro the last few days! Here’s to #Juneathon!




Here we go. #Janathon Day 1


I went for a walk, in the rain.

It was cold, wet and miserable, but I did it. And then I came home and ate pasta. Lots of pasta. I’m going to need these carbs, especially if I’m going to do more than just casually saunter in the rain for 40 minutes.

Thus begins #Janathon 2014. I’d like to say my posts are going to get better, but I’m not hopeful.

#Janathon 2014



Aah! It’s time to put down the cake & hide the fizzy drinks, here comes #Janathon 2014, thirty one days of me (and others too) trying to pass off even the most mundane daily activity as “real exercise.”

I think this is my 4th #Janathon & I’ve only managed to complete one of them. It’s hard keeping up with work / life / blog / reading blogs and going out & doing some running.

If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, you should probably just go straight to the #Janathon website & see who’s signed up & the official rules, or alternatively search back through this blog & find last years “I’m doing #janathon!” post.



Well, I failed at #Janathon!


Yup, most certainly I failed Janathon 2013, and have only completed 1 in 3 of the freezing blogathons.

So what are the excuses? Well I was ill, twice, and it was very cold, and I also just couldn’t manage to do work, family, exercises & blogging.

I did manage to have a bit of a pamper at a Spa in Liverpool, and also joined a DietBet weight loss competition, and lost 9lbs. So I feel like I achieved something.

So here’s to Junethon, and trying all over again!

#Janathon 15/16/17/18/19


I’m sucking at Janathon abit really aren’t I?
I’ve not done any real running and I’m not blogging every day and I’ve not logged anything either…

But this week I have been doing 30 minutes of some kind of exercising every day.
I’ve done the arm excersise video 3 times and I’ve even cracked out 30 Day Shred twice, and some searching around You Tube has found me a few other Jillian Michaels workouts, short ones, that I’ve followed and added 2 or 3 together to make a crippling workout that makes me cry inside. (Jillian would be proud)

I haven’t started my tea detox, but I will on Monday. I’m nervous about it, as it suggests cutting out dairy and (I think) caffeine, and I’m feeling abit wussy and not certain if I can do that without murdering people, and murdering people would be frowned upon at work.

14/31 #Janathon – typing with my nose


I promised the Janathon Gods last time I posted, that if I
could recover from the deathly illness I had caught, then I would
stop being half arsed about Janathon and actually do some work. I
walked home from work, I think a 30 minute walk after a 9 hour day
isn’t too bad, but I was worried that I would be zapped by a bolt
of Janathon lightening, so I also did some excersises, with
weights. I’m typing with my nose on my
iPhone, as my arms might drop off. How I’m going to brush my teeth
later I don’t know!

9 / 10 / 11 #Janathon


I think the Janathon Gods, or the running Gods, you choose, have punished me for a half arsed attempt at Janathon, and the last 3 days I have been suffering with some sort of vile stomach trouble.
(Don’t ask, I’m a little scarred from it all, doubly so as my 2 year old son, who wears nappies, has it too.)

So here is my plea to the Janathon Gods

Please, from Monday I will behave, and I will run or I will excersise for at least 30 every day for the last 18 days of #Janathon. And if my end of month pay allows I will purchase a Janathon shirt too.

Just make me better! I hate my bathroom now!