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It seems this week I have just been really lazy. So lazy I can’t even be bothered to write a whole title. Weight Watchers Week 6 – I Can’t Be Arsed. (That was too exhausting, I need a nap & a bit of cake to get my energy back.)

But in all honesty, that fancy new book I was covering in stickers last week, I’ve basically ignored it all week. Yeah, where did all the enthusiasm go? If you find it can you send it back to me, or even just a little bit?

But there is some good news, I did actually manage to loose some weight this week. Again, I’ve not the foggiest, I’ve eaten like a kid, and there certainly wouldn’t have been gold star stickers for leaving the kids tea alone. Here’s the downside, I’ll now spend a good few days beating myself up about how I could have done better, and playing the “what if” game. Which is just plain daft, but I can’t really stop myself doing it, and I pretty much guarantee I’ll keep myself awake at least one night next week plotting how I should have done better this week, and what I should have done in each hour of the day.

What I should be doing is thinking how good I’ve done, that even though I’ve basically failed to follow Weight Watchers (again) I’ve somehow managed to loose some weight. That’s a good thing. Not something I should keep myself awake at night with.

Ah well, I’ve told you about it now, so instead I can keep myself away worrying if I’ve over shared instead.

Weight loss so far is 2.3% and that’s good.

Weight Watchers Week 5 – STICKERS!

Weight Watchers 12 Week Journal

I lost weight! Hurrah for me!

At the end of last week I bought a 12 week journal from my Weight Watchers class. (I had to stay to the class, I’d not lost weight, thems the rules according to @WillRun4cake!)

So this week I wrote down EVERYTHING I ate in the Weight Watchers Journal.

It’s a diary for your food, and has places to put your measurements, plan your weekly meals, and what  exercise you’re going to do each week, all times 12, so this book should last me right up to Xmas Eve (yeah, I’m freaking out about that too.)

So this week I’ve carted the book around with me everywhere, and wrote everything in it, and because I’m a dork, I’ve also awarded myself stickers when I’ve made great choices, and then also made up tenuous reasons for having one when I’ve not made such great choices!


I also used up some Moo credits and made myself some stickers for the end of each week. I have mentioned I love the “Gold Star Effect” right, so what’s better than lots of stickers with stars on? IMG_4753.JPGWhen the total weight loss so far is added up, I’m only a little bit down from where I started, but I am feeling a little more motivated. (ALL THE STICKERS!) Onwards to week 6!

A little less miserable about Weight Watchers


I completed my first week (back) at Weight Watchers.

It was alright , they tricked me, and I liked it.

Previously I’ve joined and you have to buy the calculator & the scales, so you know how many points the food you’re putting in your face is worth, and the special book that tells you how many points that’s in a pizza from the chain takeaway, so you can’t have it and then cry and order anyway (or is that just me?)

This time, for the first week I wasn’t allowed to point. The leader wouldn’t let me take the little green “tracker” booklet, and aside from the membership fee, I wasn’t told to buy anything. Don’t get me wrong, the ladies at the stall didn’t slap products out my hand, and actively discourage me from spending money, but they didn’t push products into my hands, as I’ve previously been used to. I was given a list of foods, this was what I could choose from to eat. If it wasn’t on the list, it wasn’t allowed in my gob.

Well, actually I was given 2 lists. One list I could eat as much as I fancied from, and the other I could have 2 things off every day. Like a treat list.

I didn’t stick to it. On Tuesday I had cake with the kids, and on Wednesday night I had 2 pints of beer, that’s a whole extra pint than I was allowed. (Beer is a treat, you could have 2 half pints a day if you wanted to) And more beer at the weekend.

So it was actually quite a nice week. With out the miserable looking a 3 grammes of something nice to eat and crying because it’s more points than you’ll ever be allowed in a week.

I am honestly amazed that I lost weight, I’m down 2% of my starting weight. I don’t know how. Witchcraft possibly. Roll on next week.