I’m 100% committed to getting fit, I don’t enjoy feeling fat, or slow, or weak. I’m also very aware that before I’ve gone to great lengths to get fit. I’ve followed weird & wonderful diets, excluded foods, followed strange training plans, and most often, I’ve just ended up miserable.

So I’m not entering marathons, no matter how many times Liverpool send me the “look how flashy our Encore Medal is” email. I’m going to pay attention to Izzy, the Personal Trainer with qualifications, who is healthier & stronger than me, and I’m going to try to have fun.

That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? I think I’ve taken staying fit too seriously, and “fun” became all the things that I “shouldn’t do.” Like drink beer, eat pizza, sit still and not move a muscle.

BLAH BLAH BLAH! Why is there a big picture of people covered in paint ?

Run or Dye logo

You’ve probably heard of the Run or Dye events. You run, walk, jog, dance if the mood takes you, along a 5km route, and on the way round you get showered in powdered dye. When you get to the end, you have more powdered dye thrown at you & there’s a party!

It’s also not a timed event. There’s no start gun, no chip to tie on my trainer, just fun.

Tad 2

It’s exactly the not too serious, remembering it’s actually fun to move event I need. I’m planning on going to the Aintree event on 6th June, but there are events up & down the UK (plus one in France) all the way until October. You can check out the listings HERE!

The tickets are about £30 (depending on if you can still get an early bird ticket or if you join a team) but if you use the code KISDISCOUNT, you’ll get £3 off your race entry.

£3 off your Run or DYE entry with the discount code KISDISCOUNT

Also, while you’re at the website have a think about who you’d like to nominate for a bit of a Random Act of Colour… As part of their tour schools, organizations and people in need can be nominated via the Run or Dye website to request gifts for worthwhile causes.

They’re looking for people who need a little colour in their lives, schools or places needing a dash of pain, a community mural in a drab place, or just someone who deserve a bright bunch of flowers.

Fill out the form on http://runordye.co.uk/colour-nomination and Run or Dye could pick your nomination!

Let me know if you’ve been to a Run or Dye event, or who you nominate for their Colour Nominations!