I’m 3 weeks back into Weight Watchers. The first week was like magic, I’m not certain how I lost weight. The next two weeks… well the magic has worn off, plus I’m feeling terribly miserable.

Le sigh. So week 3 & 4 contained enough junk and comfort eating and “oh sod it” eating, “it’s in the cupboard” eating, “I like food” eating, “there’s only one left” eating, “I NEED CARBS” eating, “I’ll stop at one” eating, “Someone else is eating” eating, “I’m stood in the kitchen” eating, “the kids are driving me crazy” eating, “I’m all by myself” eating and also “no one is looking so it doesn’t count” eating that I’m almost back to no weight loss at all.

The plan for week 4 is to just track all the food I eat. Write everything down & the time too. The Group Leader chatted with me about triggers, and habits, and the target for this week isn’t magic weight loss, it’s just paying attention to what I put in my mouth.