I completed my first week (back) at Weight Watchers.

It was alright , they tricked me, and I liked it.

Previously I’ve joined and you have to buy the calculator & the scales, so you know how many points the food you’re putting in your face is worth, and the special book that tells you how many points that’s in a pizza from the chain takeaway, so you can’t have it and then cry and order anyway (or is that just me?)

This time, for the first week I wasn’t allowed to point. The leader wouldn’t let me take the little green “tracker” booklet, and aside from the membership fee, I wasn’t told to buy anything. Don’t get me wrong, the ladies at the stall didn’t slap products out my hand, and actively discourage me from spending money, but they didn’t push products into my hands, as I’ve previously been used to. I was given a list of foods, this was what I could choose from to eat. If it wasn’t on the list, it wasn’t allowed in my gob.

Well, actually I was given 2 lists. One list I could eat as much as I fancied from, and the other I could have 2 things off every day. Like a treat list.

I didn’t stick to it. On Tuesday I had cake with the kids, and on Wednesday night I had 2 pints of beer, that’s a whole extra pint than I was allowed. (Beer is a treat, you could have 2 half pints a day if you wanted to) And more beer at the weekend.

So it was actually quite a nice week. With out the miserable looking a 3 grammes of something nice to eat and crying because it’s more points than you’ll ever be allowed in a week.

I am honestly amazed that I lost weight, I’m down 2% of my starting weight. I don’t know how. Witchcraft possibly. Roll on next week.