So for Week 3 of #VlogChallenege, Nickie set the topic of books. Well, being a Vlog Challenge, Nickie can tell you herself & also answer some FAQs

I did have a really great plan, and wanted to do something cool. What you got was this…


Mostly because I only had this much time, and pretty much what you see is what you get with this video.


I picked the Fitz Bunny book whilst I was in New Zealand, in a comic book store, where I also discovered my love of The Authority comics.

Authority_8_1600x1200-375631And that neatly lead me onto the comics I’m currently reading, part of DCs New 52, The Futures End.


I picked up issue zero on Free Comic Book Day, and it was surprisingly dark & gruesome, and I was a little excited to see The Authority in the early issues (I’m not telling what happens, no Spoilers!) But so far, it’s a great serise, although its a weekly comic, and I admit we normally pick monthlies at home.

But what you got was a wonder through some WFRP 2nd edition, and I didn’t really explain much about it. So there’s 2 videos for another time eh?

If you’re tempted to join in #VlogChallenge, then don’t dither just do! There’s a linky page ( so you can see everyone is just diving in & having a go!