It’s a funny running habit I’ve got. My husband described it as “do nothing for 6 months, then run a marathon.”

He’s right, that’s pretty much how I did the Rock n Roll Liverpool marathon this May, and it’s taken me nearly 2 months to sit down and write about it. Mostly out of laziness. Seems like my blogging & running habits are in sync.

So The Liverpool Rock N Roll Marathon.

indexLets start by saying a BIG THANK YOU to Stephen, a (not too) old friend I haven’t seen in years for letting me crash at his house the night before the Marathon. And also the other Stephen (two Stephens in one flat, confusing for blogging about, but possibly an awesome sitcom premise) who loaned me his bed & cooked a lovely carbalicious meal the night before.

THANKS GUYS. We’ll do lunch soon I promise!

The marathon, well it was mostly UP. I know Liverpool is very up, I saw the course profile, and the first marathon I did was Liverpool (different organizer) but I was expecting that after the UP there would be a little down. It’s only logical. There wasn’t. Liverpool defied all know geographic laws. I have reason to suspect M.C Escher was part of the route design team.

So it was a very up marathon, more up that I anticipated.


So I wanted a 5:30 marathon. Not massively ambitious.¬† Northing too fast, and I set off with the 5:30 pacer and stuck with them for a large part of the first 10k, then I sulked a little and dropped back to the 5:45 pacer…. then at about mile 16 I lost the will to run uphill any more and walked… FOR AN HOUR.

The Liverpool people were great, I had plenty of locals shouting “GO ‘ED GURL” and such, which did make me smile, and a few snarky comments about my “Training for the Zombie apocalypse” t shirt (“You’re going to get eaten then eh?”)

The race was a little bit disappointing. It was billed to be a Rock N Roll marathon with bands and music at every mile, but there really weren’t that many bands playing for the slow coaches at the back of the pack. Even when I was still with the official pacers I only saw one band, a group of drummers just after Everton Football grounds. They were pretty spectacular,, definitely motivating to get up the hill they were on. Not so much Rock N Roll, as here’s a Mix Tape N Some Speakers for you to run past.

That said, I could still be sulking at my in ability to continue running up hill & even after I started to run again, it was more of a run/walk/moan effort, but I completed the course.


Owch, I know. A full hour and fifteen after I hoped to end. Miserable. The upside of this is that my walking meant I wasn’t too sore the next day, and I didn’t fall asleep on the way home either. I did eat the world.

 Would I do it again?

No, I think I’m over marathons now thanks.

What’s the next running thing then?

Well, as a leaving present, aside from some cake, the Lush Preston team got me a ticket to 2.8 Hours later a Zombie Running thing on 24th July in Manchester. So I at least should get my trainers back on once this month.