Friday, November 8, 2013 Tell us what you’ve learned so far about daily blogging.

Today’s post continues with what may be seen as a bit of a flippant tone, but really, NaBloPoMo, so far has been much easier than #Janathon.
For a start I only have to blog, and someone has given me a prompt on where to start, yes I have to work out how to be entertaining at the weekend, but I don’t have to do it after a run through cold January rain. Nor do I have to think up a way to make walking to the shop with my son sound like an honest attempt at activity, rather than the errand it actually is.

#Janathon taught me about planning, and the pleasure of smelly kit, and getting a little creative in order to stay in the game.

#Juneathon taught me how to blog in secret, and how if I’ve only told myself I’m doing something, I’ll probably be more successful than if I share the goal with too many people. (Alright blogging and twitter doesn’t count)

#Juneathon also taught me, blog on your phone, but check it out on the compute every now & again, as sometimes it can look wonky.

Who’s doing #Janathon this year? Is registration open yet?