Today I have been to London & back.

The thought of running when I got home after 6 hours travel & 6 hours training was not a happy one.

So I with a little bit of thinking & planning, I got off the tube 4 stops early & walked to Euston to get my train home. It was a good 45 min walk, with a small distraction to buy Coffee & big distraction to buy discounted Washi tape & postcards. (I’m a sucker for a Paperchase sale!)

I didn’t run, but I’m still counting this as a Juneathon effort, if it wasn’t June I would have just stayed on the train, and I’m actually quite proud I managed to navigate my way from Leicester Square to Euston by foot, and not get lost or miss my train home.

The presentation went well, I’m really glad I did as much prep over the previous few days, it was a timed and would have been cut off if I went over. I ended with 1 second spare!

I’m going to sit back for the rest of my train journey home & enjoy looking at all my Washi tape, and never actually use it.