I was going to run much earlier than 10pm, I was going to, honest.
But the guest tweeter on The Women’s Room was tweeting about #WomenInSport and I got sucked in.

I’ll write more on another day (I’m just trying to keep up with Juneathon) but one thing I want to shout about is

Remove VAT for sports bras

I can understand that all other sports equipment has VAT on it, but if I want to do any kind of sport being female I need a sports bra, or further pain & injury will arrive. I’d even settle for VAT removed from the larger sized Sports Bras (as I know they aren’t made by many companies & cost £££) and if they were cheaper, I think I would help (not completely page the road with gold, just help) more ladies get into sport & activity more.

What do you think #Juneathon?
I also ran 3.2km, I wouldn’t have got that far without one.