I’m in a grump, and didn’t want to run, but I forced myself out the door.

I did 2 things.
I promised myself I would buy cake if I did a whole 30 minutes or more.
I put on a Couch to 5k track, so I didn’t feel bad about only half running, or mostly walking.

I love the SixToStart Zombies Run game, but have only done 2 runs from the other app they have, a 5k training app from the guys at Abel Township.
Previously you had to follow the program, and could only get the next workout once you’d completed the 1st. An update recently unlocked all the training plan, so I skipped ahead to week 3, and did a little more running than the start. It’s good, it talks you through each run / walk interval & has some stretching included. I like it, an I escaped from Zombies safely.

4.2km in 38 min & an apple pie.