Today I had planned 2 gym classes straight after work.

Body Attack, another of the Les Mills classes, this time no weights, and me flailing about to music, but it burns about 500 cals in 45 min class, so I just do it & hope I don’t injure the fools who stand near me.

And Box Fit. A class that involves boxing & an instructor with a mean streak, but I really enjoy it, so I keep going back for more pain, and eventually I’ll be able to plank & do press ups in boxing gloves.

However this didn’t happen, because as I was eating tea with my husband, Spag Bol BTW, he dropped the news that he is working late shifts this week, so I’d need to pick our kids up instead of him.


So I got up and went “running” this morning.

It was actually¬†more of a jog walk, I’m not a¬†morning person.

It was a lovely morning.

3.12km in 31min, hardly record braking, but it’s still 30 min of activity, so I’ll not moan about it any more.