Haha! I did it! I cooked weird veg & ate it all & didn’t waste anything! Whoohoo!

veg box challenge

 Well mostly true.

Ok so perhaps that isn’t a huge feat of skill for a lot of people, but for me it was an achievement. I was a little apprehensive at the start of getting the veg box, because I have had them before & mostly wasted them, or taken too long to get to the actual cooking, and they have just started to rot in the box.



So what did I get…

#VegBoxChallenge I have some carrots, a cabbage, some potatoes, a pepper, some courgettes, an aubergine, also some vine tomatoes (not in the picture)

I thought I had some carrots, some courgettes  a red pepper, an aubergine  some vine tomatoes, some very knobbly potatoes and a cabbage.

Turned out, I had Jerusalem Artichokes NOT knobbly potatoes, and a celeriac NOT a cabbage. (Thanks Fi, for pointing that out) I guess veg identification is not big on my list of skills.

(It’s especially stupid when I worked out that on the side of the box is a sticker telling you what’s been taken out, because you asked them to, and what they put in instead)

 What did I cook (& eat)…

#vegboxchallenge -aubergine & olive nomeatballs.  Not sure about these, the mix was really wet. I had to put a lot of breadcrumbs in.  #abelandcole

Aubergiene “noMeatBalls”

Jerusalem Artichoke & Almond Rosti to go with my soup for lunch #vegboxchallenge #abelandcole

Jerusalem Artichoke & Almond Rosti

Really thick Carrot & Celeriac soup to go with my Rosti #vegboxchallenge

Really thick Carrot & Celeriac soup

Roasting my courgettes & red pepper (+ a sneaky sweet potato) #vegboxchallenge

Roasted courgettes & red pepper (with a sneaky non veg box sweet potato)

Salsa made with my vine tomatoes (was supposed to go with my nomeatballs but I've thrown them out & will eat it with my roast veg & some ciabatta) #vegboxchallenge all cooked up. Some good lunches for the rest of the week!

Salsa made with my vine tomatoes, plus some sweetcorn & a red onion


So the “noMeatballs” were from an Abel & Cole recipe & were a disaster, I think I put too many olives in with them, and so the ‘dough’ was really wet & sticky. I even baked them after frying them & they were still all wet & gloopy inside. Not a nice texture to eat. I left them a day in the fridge,  thinking possibly they would set, they didn’t and were the only thing I didn’t eat out the box.

The Rosti were great, I made them to go with the soup, and they were easily my favorite thing out of all my lunches. Grated Jerusalem Artichoke + some smashed up almonds + a little flour / fried in a little olive oil = AWESOME FOOD ! (I’m a little sad I didn’t get any this week)

Soup was made from the carrots & the “not really a cabbage” Celeriac. Never eaten a celeriac before, it was ok, think it might have been boring if it wasn’t with the carrots.

The soup & the rosti made an awsome 2 lunches, and had about 7 ingredients in total. While I was eating my lunch there was a packet of biscuits on the table next to me, 14 ingredients, not all of them were “real.” I suspect that quite a few of them were in the biscuits to keep them on the shelf longer. What ever they were, it made me feel smug & awesome whilst eating my lunch.

The roast veg & salsa were eaten together over 2 meals, nothing amazing about them, just tasty. Courgettes are alright, I suspect they may be better if you cook them less boringly. Kirschplunder turned hers into antipasta with cream cheese & it looks great!

What did I get this week?

#VegBoxChallenge week 2

I’ve went for a Fruit & Veg box this week.

White Onions, Spuds, Vine tomatoes, BEETROOT!!, and courgettes, pears, bananas and oranges.

Very excited for real beetroot, as this is one of the only veg my husband says he will tolerate. Plus, for some reason, the idea of cooking & roasting my own beetroot makes me smile!