I’ve been having trouble believing that I am actually
capable of getting fit & loosing weight. I haven’t helped
myself, I have been loosing & gaining & loosing
again the same 4lbs this month, and instead of trying to record a
food diary or looking at actually doing some excersise I have just
chommped into some cake and sulked (quite) abit, and lamented that
I am actually incapable of getting below 13stone, and then ate come
biscuits. So I am sat writing this blog post, ready to stroke my
own ego & get back on the wagon, wearing my Liverpool
Marathon medal.


 Because I never ever thought I’d run
a whole marathon. Not even when I was doing it. Running / walking
around Sefton park took my will to live & I almost gave up.
But I  did actually complete it
& I have the Tshirt & the bling to prove it.
So I think I might just carry around my medal for the next few
days.  Just to remind myself how I can actually achieve
amazing things and I don’t always give up when I want to. (I’m
actually trying to think of a way to turn the ribbon into some sort
of bracelet or the medal into something I can put on a key chain as
I don’t think I can carry it off as fashion bling) So there I am,
proof I can do something that takes a long time & effort, I
can completed the task in hand even when I think I don’t want to
any more. And with this self declared awesomeness I have booked
myself onto a gym class & took my current body measurements
to compare to in a month. Anyone have
further suggestions for how to have a remind yourself of
how amazing you are? I’m English, so this doesn’t tend to come
naturally to me.