… by pretty clothes & pretty people. In. The. Gym.

And Gwyneth Paltrow.

Ok so looking good isn’t that bad, and I can generally ignore whatever weirdness comes out of Gwyneth’s mouth. But today they both blindsided me whilst trying to find some new gym clothes that weren’t marketed as either “flattering,” “fashionable,” or “stylish.”

It started this morning overhearing 2 women in the gym class I went to, saying how they choose the low impact parts, so they don’t sweat too much. As it was in between the sit up section & the running section, I kind of put  it in the “WTF” file & carried on. Then as I was leaving I noticed several of the women waiting for the next class were in full makeup. Again more “WTF” but you know I’m dying & need some water.

Then whilst looking for gym kit, (I have 1 sports bra that fits properly, and only 2 pair of pants) I just got fed up of all the mens clothes telling me how they were “made for performance” and about all the tech that went into their kit & then finding that the ladies stuff was mostly about “flattering,” “fashionable,” or “stylish” and comes in a choice of colors, mostly with pink.

Then Gwyneth chimed in. It was an interview with Oprah, and her trainer, about how she works out 6 days a week.

“Women should never lift more that 3lbs” ACTUAL HEAD EXPLOSION!

Not only should I not sweat during my gym time, and I need to wear stylish & flattering clothes, I can’t actually do anything that may build muscle or change my wobbly body into something stronger?!

This all resulted in a Twitter tantrum & @LungesandLycra got some of my point end because they happened to post about a clothing comp asking people to tweet a pic of their favorite workout gear.

To be honest it was a very English tantrum. I think I even said sorry at least once. But they did get me thinking a little, does the portrayal of female athletes make us look at how we are during sport?

I feel like this is a tantrum / rant that most ladies who take part in any fitness / sport has. It’s like the teenager who wants to paint their room black.

Oh and don’t get me started on #StrongIsTheNewSkinny, how about Strong is the new strong?!

So what about it? Am I having a childish tantrum? Am I making a fuss about nothing? What are your thoughts?

Should I not be bothered about women who want to be pretty in the gym?

Are their any clothing companies that don’t play the fashionable/ stylish / flattering card?