Well, let me tell you!

I know, I’m always one to plan things and then just fail to update the blog & tell anyone about what I’ve done. I swear this month will be different! I’ve got it planned in my Google calendar & everything.

So 2 things are on the cards.

In Nature Teas


In Nature Teas Detox.

In the middle of December I spoke with Helen @ In Nature Teas about their January Detox challenge, and she kindly sent me some Lotus Tea and a tea strainer to take part in the challenge. I read a review of the tea by Cathy at Planet Veggie and thought it sounded quite nice. I’m a massive coffee fan, so it would be quite a challenge for me to swap it for tea.

Then I failed to do it. (See previous post about wimping out of Janathon & apply the same excuses)

So I’m going to do it for the 28 days of Feb. Better late than never eh?




DietBet Challenge

So this isn’t a new one for me, I took part in this for January, but didn’t really say much about it because I wanted to see if a) I could do it & b) see how it worked before I blogged about it.

I won the January Challenge & am now signed up for  a February Challenge too. I lost 9lbs in 28 days with the January Challenge & am currently waiting too see HOW MUCH MONEY I WON!

Sorry to shout about it but, being the capitalist money crazy woman I am, I am very excited about winning money for loosing weight.

The premise is simple. Bet money that you’ll loose 4% of your body weight in 28 days (my game was a $25 stake), try to loose the weight (7lbs for me) and if you do you get your money back. If you loose, your money is split between the winners. Easy.

So I’m signed up to Chispa’s $25 Fitocracy Challenge it starts on 1st Feb too, and hey, you can join in all the way up to 14th Feb, but you have less time to loose the 4%. (Please do join, more people = bigger money = more motivation for Millie!)

Anything else?

I am also thinking that I’ll try to do some 30 Day Shred, I’ve hardly done any real exercise this month, but I don’ think I’ll write that down as a promise, more of a hope.