Yeah, I’ve been silent for ages, sorry.

Erm what’s happened since I last posted?

The Guild Marathon
I attempted my 2nd marathon in October. The weather was terrible, horrible and soul destroying. Rain and wind, and a countryside route did not make for a fun Sunday.
I gave up at mile 20, I seriously could not go any further, and when I was wrapped up by the Red Cross volunteers they took my temperature, and did voice a concern at it being a quite low. Apparently I had a mild case of hypothermia, the give away was that I couldn’t remember my birthday correctly and spelt my surname wrong.
The Red Cross were awesome and professional and gave me tea & wrapped me up like a Christmas turkey in the tinfoil blankets until I was warm again.
I was gutted on the day, I was on track to finish a good 45 minutes faster than Liverpool last year, but by the end of the day I’d calmed down and although I didn’t get a medal, Lily made me one & I treasure it.

I’ve signed up to Janathon, again. I’m already planning a few “dressing gown dashes” and some running up & down the stairs, be prepared for some enthralling of posts!

Innteas Detox Challenge
I’ve also signed up to a January Detox challenge with InnTeas, I’m a little nervous about it, I’m not a great tea drinker, I live on coffee, I suspect there’s a large amount of caffeine in by blood. But I do need to drink more fluid & less coffee, and JogBlog posted a good review of the teas.

So yeah, that’s what happened.
Have a great Giftmass!