Ok, it’s the summer holidays, and I’ve practically been binge eating since I completed the 30 Day Shred, so it wasn’t really a surprise that I’ve gained weight this week & am back down to 1.5kg lost.

I’m not too down, I’m still taking measurements every week too, and all the sit ups at Boxfit must be paying off because I’ve lost another inch off my waist. *insert happy joy dance here!*

Taking Measurements

I was using just a generic sheet of squared paper, but then I thought I could do better & it’s a new month, so I made my own. It’s my “Zero to Superhero tracker”! I made myself sign a pledge too, you know, so everyone who walks past the thing posted on my cupboard knows my impending accident with radioactive spiders / gamma rays / alien alteration / ect.

If you click on the image you’ll be able to see it better, it’s supposed to be printed out A5, you’re welcome to print it &  join me in my journey too, I really do recommend colouring in your own version of the super woman. I think I’ll be awesome in red & black. ( But please don’t steal it & say it’s your own, or charge anyone for it.)

This was supposed to be completed & posted yesterday, but I just never got around to completing it in time, but I did weigh in yesterday.

I’m also really excited as I’ve wrote my 1st ever training plan all by myself (with a little help from the internet) I’m going to post it tomorrow, it’s for the Preston Guild Marathon, and there’s still time for people to join me!

I’ll apologise now if I spam too much about it. I’ve very proud of myself.