On the 25th June I started Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred [DVD]. I completed it Friday, and I am actually very proud of myself!

I did have 3 “days off” during it, so it was more accurately 33 day shred, but I’m deadly serious when I tell you that it’s difficult & exhausting.

It’s 3 different 20 ish minute work outs, do each one for 10 days (or for as long as you feel you need to) and then move onto the next level. Each work out has a warm up then 3 circuts, broken down into 3 sections, strength, cardio & abs, with a cool down & stretch at the end.

I tried to make the DVD an extra to my running, but I found some of the jump excersises made my calves and legs really tired, so I averaged out at 6k per week, although I did go to 3 boxfit classes & 2 Body Attack ( and a Zumba.)

But any way, the results.

I didn’t really loose any extra weight doing the workouts, and although Jillian talks about the diet plan, I couldn’t find one for this DVD (There is one for “Ripped in 30” though).

What I did loose was inches, NINE of them! With 5 inches going from my waist. I actually have flatish tummy, at least a much nicer shape than before starting. The other 4 inches are split between my hips, thighs and bust.

I also used a body at calculator site to work out how much I was at the start & how much after the 30 days, I went down from 28.08% to 27.62%, almost half a percent. I’ve no idea if that’s good for the time it took, but it seems good to me!

I was honestly surprised at what could be squeezed into about 25 minof exercise and how hard it was, it’s certainly workout that needs a shower afterwards.

I do have some before & after photos, but I’m still working up the guts to post them, I may update the post with them, or I may spare you the trauma!

Calorie tracking & healthy eating

I am absolutely pants at it, and even though last Monday I set myself the challenge of just getting it right for one week, I failed & had a massive blow out at the start of the Olympics, and then that just carried over till today. So my diet certainly didn’t help me shrink.

Would I do it again?

Not for a few months, but yeah, I’m not going to be putting my DVD on eBay any time soon. I certainly feel much fitter, and didn’t manage to do all the harder version of the exercises so there’s a challenge to go back & beat. And I liked the results so much I’m actually thinking about doing the Ripped in 30 DVD next.

What’s my motivation this Monday?

I’m going to try & drink enough water.

I drink lots of coffee & that’s about it really, sometimes I’m partial to a little Southern Comfort & orange juice, or a little big bottle of Crabbies Ginger Beer, but not H2O.

So 8 glasses of water a day. How does everyone else get their water? Please leave me some tips!