…So I’m going to eat all the bread in the house.

I’m laying the blame for my rabid carb consumption at the feet of my SSRI. One of the side effects is insomnia, which, for someone with a love affair with her duvet, is a killer. I’m walking about looking like a extra from a 2.8 Hours Later event. (I so dearly, dearly want to go on one of these, I’m thinking possibly Birmingham with a friend who lives near there, but it may have to wait till next year.)

Give me a gold star!

Because, despite the total exhaustion and moaning about how little sleep I’ve gotten, I’m still on track with daily 30 Day Shred, and  have finally started level 3! (It’s a killer, I almost died) And I went to the Box Fit class on Monday evening, so I want a gold star for effort!

But today’s Weigh In?

A week or so ago I reset the start weight on My Fitness Pal. I feel quite good about it, I think I was getting stuck in the fact that my weight loss has been quite slow and very variable, it’s all my own cake eating fault, but it was making me feel like I’ve made no progress.

So filled with the excitement everyone has at the start of their weight loss program I’ve been really excited about stepping on the scales.

Drumm roll please… So since I reset my start weight on 10th July, I’ve lost 1.7kg! (about 3.75lbs) Oh and I’ve also gone back to measuring my weight loss in KG, it just seems easier that way.

Onwards & downwards!

So this week I’m just going to try & get to 2.5kg, and make a concerted effort to eat good carbs, not white bread toast for every meal.