Weight loss is a Marathon, not a sprint!

I think I might hit the next person who says that to me, either in person or over the internet.


I know, I honestly know, that trying to change the habits of a lifetime, will take time.

I understand that I didn’t just wake up one day overweight & it’s not going to happen in reverse like that either.

I realise that I’m moaning about something & that moaning is not going to make the pounds dissapear quicker.

But I’ve been at a little of a weight loss plateau for the past few weeks & moaning just makes me feel better ok?!

Change something…

So in the spirit of the old Honda add, you can sing along if you like…

Hate something, Change Something, Make Something Better!

I’m going to give 3 gym classes ago this week.

I’ve only got certain days when I can go to the gym, and so my hands are a little tied with the classes I can pick, but instead of just going to the gym & doing the regular set of  weights & cardio machines

I’m going to go to;

Box Fit

Use fitness to find your survival instincts in this controlled & safe boxing for fitness class

Body Attack

A Cardio interval training programme that combines high intensity aerobics, strength & stabilisation exersises


Zumba combines Latin & international music with dance in an effort to make exercise fun & social. Interval training & resistance training combined to tone & sculpt your body whilst burning fat.

Wish me luck!

I’ll admit I’ve given Zumba a go before & didn’t really enjoy it, but I did pick a manic Saturday afternoon class and went with a friend (who happened to be male and have less co ordination than me) and we felt like we were just dropped into the deep end. But all these classes have a beginners intro scheduled 15 min before the start & so I hope this will help ease the confusion.

I’ll report back next Monday on how I got on.