Well, there you go, for me I think that was pretty awesome. Although I think I could have done better…


I caught the train down to Manchester & was at the front of the Green wave for the start, literally toes at the start line once we’d walked down behind the Blue wave.

I saw Gordon Burns, Sir Bobby in the starters box, and if I had slightly longer arms could have touched Haile Gebrselassie as he spoke to some of the charity runners who set off in between the 2 waves. While I was waiting for the start I  chatted to some of the runners around me.

There was a gent who was running his 1st Manchester 10k, and another gent, from Cheshire, who was on number 3 or 4, and a lady who lived in Manchester and her journey to the start was about 15 minutes. The chatting coupled with the support from twitter, certainly didn’t leave me feeling like I was running alone.

While we were milling about the start I spotted a lady holding a big sign with “Follow me for a 60 minute pace.” I’ve never seen pacers at the run before, possibly because I was in the last wave for the previous 2, but as I’d spotted her I thought I’d give it a go to try & stick with her.

Although she was quite a bit behind me at the start she quickly crept up on me & I managed to stick with her till about 1.5k, she was just that little bit too fast for me, and so was the 65min pacer who came past. The 70min pacer caught up on me & I stuck with her for the next few KM, till at about 6km, then  I slowed and walked.

Now I should know from training, that as soon as I loose momentum I just can’t get going again, but I just couldn’t get my head to force my legs to keep going, and it wasn’t till about 7.5km that I got back on my stride and started to run properly again.

The last 2km were awesome, I made an effort to high five every single kid with their hand out, and waved at every person who shouted my name.

After I finished I actually managed to bump into two of the people who I saw at the start! The gent from Cheshire managed to finish in 48min!

There were 40,000 runners but the streets were full of their families and it was a little while before I managed to find my Uncle, who was also in Manchester for my cousins water polo training at the aquatic center.  It was ace to have someone at the finish line, and also to take stupid photos of me…

No, both the brews aren’t for me, one of them is for my Uncle, honest, it was tea.

After the run I went down to the aquatics center & saw my cousin’s training session. Water Polo is hard core and a little vicious, and in a pool where no one is touching the bottom, and he’s only 14! I was seriously impressed, and also amazed at how these guys can catch a ball, about the same size as a basket ball, in one hand (practically with their fingertips) whilst fighting off the opposite team with the other hand and all whilst treading water.

So yes, I did awesome in my run, and then was out awesomed by a bunch of 14 year olds.