I’ve been meaning to post this for days, when taking the children on an adventure to a park a little further away from home, about 20 minutes walk (not really that far but these are little legs doing the walking)

The park & playground went down a storm, there were new & more dangerous ways for my son to try & jump to his doom & new things for my daughter to climb to the top of and get stuck.

But that’s not the point ¬†of this post, next to the playground was something I have never seen before & I was genuinely & happily surprised and amazed!

The Outdoor Gym

Honestly an outdoor gym that’s completely free! I’ve never seen anything like this before & thought it was so AWESOME that I had to take pictures whilst grinning like an idiot!

The things that were most impressive to me were the “weights machines.” They have nothing to adjust so you are bound by lifting your own weight, and they obviously take some of the load, as there’s no way I can chest press 80kg, but it was still effort.

The thing I didn’t¬†understand was the treadmill in the park. Couldn’t they have just painted some distance markers on the paths for the same cost? Ah Well, I’m not complaining, if it gets someone running then I’m all for it.

The pull up bars have become my secret enemy, I’ve tried two more times since I found them, and failed to get to one rep… I’m not giving up though!