This morning I ventured away from the cardio machines, my safe area of cross trainers and treadmills, and over into the area of the gym I like to call “the BEEFCAKE area. Mostly populated by guys all looking in the mirror & not moving more than their arm. It’s ok, I was accompanied by a gym instructor, so they couldn’t kick me out & weren’t allowed to point at the ginger woman trying to do press ups, and failing. Miserably.
My total number of press ups was ONE, and then I failed and fell onto the mat.
I also used some weights and other equipment, and have come to the conclusion that I am terribly terribly weak. All the arm and upper body things were near impossible.

The good thing here is that now I have a starting point. I know that I am making progress as soon as I manage more than 1 press up in a row. Easy & obvious goals!
The one thing I didn’t try, and want to, is pull ups. The plan is to sneak into the gym early on Wednesday and try. Hopefully I’ll manage one.