Wow is it Wednesday already?
How the hell did that happen? I swear it was last week only a moment ago.
Well I suppose time flies when you’re having fun, and also doing tones of laundry and dishes and tidying up. I’m starting to wonder how any mum gets time for running & excersise without locking her family in the shed for the afternoon and praying the social workers don’t turn up.*
Having moaned about that I should say my husband is quite accommodating, and will let me run out the door as soon as he gets home. (which is sneakily blissful, as it also means I miss the whole hectic bedtime wrestling and come home to a relatively peaceful house!)
But I do miss running in the afternoon and having time for a shower by myself, all showers these days are taken with at least a one child audience.

Sunday Afternoon Running
I missed the running club Sunday morning, my son had kept me up most of the night, so there was no way I felt like I had enough energy, or coffee, to be seen in public at 9am, certainly not enough to run either.
So I went out in the afternoon, just to run around the park a few times and after about 2.5 miles it was crap and I was about to give up at the end of the current lap. I’m glad I looked at the time, as it turned out that my rubbish running was some of the fastest running I’d done in a LOOOONG time. I cracked on till the end of 5k and smashed my best time ever, by about 4 min. From 37:20 to a new PB of 33:52!
Hooray! I actually feel like that’s a respectable time a real runner would have.

*I would never lock my kids in a shed, and I never have. But I admit to thinking about it when they get up at 5am…