Those are three oretty good ways to describe me today. Others would be “a bit rubbish” or “miserable git” & “Lazy cow.”

Yes, I know we all have our off days, I can’t be an amazing geeky mum every day, and I never expected staying at home to be all Martha Steward type fun, but today was just a day where I wanted a chic little table in the middle of Vienna to sip espresso and eat Sacher Torte. Alas no dice there. (but it was my birthday on Monday if anyone fancies whisking me off as a belated present)

Enough babbling what about running?

Running, with the exception of today, has been going great!

On Sunday I actually ran with a running club, and wasn’t the slowest or the fastest, in fact I was pretty middle of the pack and enjoyed it so much I’m going back this Sunday!

Monday’s 5k was only 5 minutes off my PB, a record from approx 2 years ago, when I was fitter & faster than I am now (and also 6 weeks pregnant!)

While I was out I tried a few of the things the Club leader was talking about, mostly about tying to run on the balls of your feet & not heel strike, and to get a more natural running motion, I was quite hard for me to do and require more thinking than I usually like whilst running, I seriously had to concentrate on my footwork, and lean much further forwards than I am used to. Having moaned about it, the splits where I know I was mostly following his advice were actually the fastest overall, and who knows I could have actually beaten my PB if I’d managed to keep it going. I realise the whole description of the way I was running sounds a little vague, but bear with the grumpy woman and when I’ve found a better mood, I’ll google and add in a better & more useful description.

Tuesday was just full of AWESOME! I don’t know if I set a record, or if it was the slowest run I ever did, but I just really enjoyed all 8k, it wasn’t all ran, I had a run walk thing going on, but it was fun & if I had left the house earlier than 8:30pm I would have stayed out longer & seen how long I could keep it going. Seriously it was like a dream run & what I expect when you read training plans that say “comfortable pace” but darkness & cold, and the need to eat I’d have gone all Gump and just kept on going.

Today, no running, I was supposed to do 8 lots of 400m, but rain and sulking stopped me. Which is a stupid reason, because 1) skin is waterproof & so is a jacket I own and 2) the reason I was sulking is because of diet fail & going out and doing some cardio would have burnt of quite a few of the fail. *sigh* (and probably cheered me up too)

Right that’s it, I’m off for a shower, I’ll try & post in a better mood next time 😉