Men for the sake of getting a living forget to live.
Margaret Fuller

So the trip to the doctors to get the blood results, proves I’m not traditionally ill, I’m just a miserable sod. The doctor I spoke with this time round was much nicer than the last & seemed to e much more knowledgeable, or perhaps she was just easier to talk to.
So the outcome of it all is, Yes I am suffering from some level of depression, and I am on some medication (a SSRI type if anyone has any opinion on them.) The decision to take anti depressants was a mixed one, and the swing was a post retweeted by Bangsandabun on twitter, sorry I have no link or remember the original blog poster, basically “if you were diabetic you wouldn’t refuse insulin” and it challenged me to think about why I was so worried about taking them, I’m not at all happy I’m taking them but I’m satisfied that they’re the right course of action for the current situation.
I’m not going to any talking therapy sessions or things like that. Personally I found them patronising & intrusive when I went to them after my Mums death, and I’m a grown up now so I’m allowed to choose not to go. They may work wonders for others, but I know I’m going in with preconceived ideas about them & don’t want to waste my time or theirs.
There’s something else I’m doing too, it wasn’t an easy choice and I had to wait a few weeks on the medication to see if it was just because I was feeling miserable all the time. I’ve quit work to do more running and spend too much time on twitter to be a Stay At Home Mum.
This was originally the plan when my son was born, but for reasons lost in time (or at least not blogged about) it never actually happened.
Today is the first day of staying home & with a few “jobs” and a couple of activities planned out for today the forecast is good!