Be Miserable. Or Motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.

– Wayne Dyer


There’s a danger to Janathon that goes further than getting totally exhausted from all the running. It’s part of the double edged sword that is the fabulous Janathon community, with twitter & the blog reading.

Last night, whilst my husband and some friends were watching UFC and all were screaming at the TV like crazy children, I was clicking my way through some of the Janathon blogs. It was while reading Moving along‘s blog that the insanity struck .

So yes, I’m doing #fitteam12 as well as #plankaDay & Janathon.  I’m a fool! I must be.

Two things I learnt today.

1) if you do squats standing with your toes about 3 inches in front of a wall then you’re not going to be able to have really bad form, which is why I normally have really sore knees after doing squats.

2) It’s really easy to Plank

ANYWAY! Tonight’s run was another “Beat last year”

2011 2.98km in 30:40


2012 3.09km in 29:08