“It is easier to resist at the begining than at the end” – Leonardo da Vinci

Both done & I feel much smugger here typing up the blog than I did whilst out running / planking in the living room!

Doing the log part of Janathon last year was the most annoying part of the whole event last year, the blogging was the hardest, but looking through the settings off the RunningFree site this afternoon allowed me to see what I did last year & also how fast/slow I did it.

That’s why today’s 1st Janathon effort was a calculated 2.6km in 21:38. Last year I ran 2.57km in 26 min.

I’m quite proud that I did it 5 min faster! That’s like a 20% improvement on 2011, if I keep that up  my 10k time would be about 1hr 4 min, and I could run my next marathon in about 5 hours!

#Plankaday was horrible, I’ve never done a plank before & had to look up on youtube how to do it. I managed 34.8seconds, that was 34 seconds of PURE AGONY!

In other Millie news I’ve deactivated my Facebook account. I found it was more of a timesuck than anything & it was mostly just another way for people at work to badger me. I don’t work for Subway any more & so I’ve just decided to end it there.  Plus I’ve got so much more out of Twitter; Janathon, Juneathon, Aug30DS, Plankaday, to name just the fitness motivation.

Here’s to 2012, and to shifting the last 38lbs I want rid of!