No seriously, I’ve actually started the training for the GMR today.

It’s not till May 2012, I’m getting going early, but I am determined to get under an hour. DETERMINED! And this mean knocking off a good 24 minutes off my best 10k time ever. So that’s why I’m starting early.

I’ve mentioned that I’ve joined a gym, and today I was Inducted, like some sort of crazy cult joining ceremony, and I got into a great chat with the guy doing the set up about running. He was really enthusiastic about whittling down the minutes & getting me up to speed.

It’s a fairly simple program, with some intervals and then some cardio machines, and then in about 6 weeks we’re going to add just a few weights in, “low weights but lots of reps” apparently. Then just before Xmas we’re going to “bash” out a 10k to see how we’re doing.

I’m fairly excited about this to tell the truth & hopefully this will last the duration, as last time I was a member of the gym the enthusiasm kinda fizzled and I was paying  for not going!