Right, I have actually eaten nothing good for the past 3 weeks, and have by virtue of running a marathon, not really put on any extra weight.

So Hooray for exercise.

That said, I have not actually ran, or done ant type of excercise since the marathon
I have joined a gym, a cheap local council one, with my husband.Now the combined cost of the joint membership gym is less than the expensive¬† chain I was previously a member of, but the reason I started running, was mostly because I couldn’t be bothered to go the gym when it was cold & rainy, so I’m a little nervous about whether I’ll go often enough.¬† I’m also finding it slightly amusing that I want to join the gym so that I can up my core fitness and be a better, faster runner!

So its almost a year since I started loosing weight, and I’ve lost 31.5lbs, or 2 st 3.5lbs! I’m shocked, when I see the numbers, I’m not sure how I had all that extra weight on me, as I’m still not skinny! But not to do myself down,¬† I’ve lost 14.3kg, in 12 months and I’m feeling confident that the other 30 (or so) pounds I want to loose will be gone in the next 12 months!