This week has flown by, mostly in a haze of bread and sliced vegetables and coffee. I returned to work on Friday, and I’ve not really seen my husband or my kids very much, or had enough sleep/caffeine to cope.

So the weigh in happened on Monday, and I’m 1.5kg down from last Wednesday.
I’m beginning to think that I’ve been a bit brain washed about calorie counting, I was fairly certain it would be hard or confusing or I just wouldn’t get it right. But all in all it’s pretty simple, and even on days & weeks where I’ve exceeded my calorie goal, I’ve still seen some shift downwards.

I’ve walked more than I’ve ran this week, 9 hour shifts have beaten me, and it’s only because I’m too cheap to buy a buss pass that I’ve done the walking. It’s only a mile, it takes me about 20 min. I’ve walked 10 miles and only ran 6.
Doesn’t sound like hardcore marathon training does it.