Right, I’ve lost 1kg, and I’m not certain how. Obviously, it’s through counting calories and moving about more, but it’s been a week where I’ve slacked here and there & wasn’t expecting any really weight loss. A whole Kilo is frankly amazing.

But anyway, running and stuff.
The Liverpool marathon is fast approaching, and the training is still hard.

My son still doesn’t sleep through the night, no matter how much food we give him prior to bed time, and the advice we’ve been given by the health visitors, because there is no reason why an 11mth old can’t sleep all night, is to make his night time bottles smaller, and smaller then swap them for warm water, eventually he’ll just not be bothered about getting up at 2 am for little reward, well that’s going down like a lead balloon. I haven’t had a full nights sleep for well over a year. With my 2nd cold this month I think the bad sleep is beginning to take it’s toll!

I also return to work this week, and I have the early shifts. Yeah! I much prefer them to the late shifts, but 7am starts mean I’m up at 5:30am! AaaaaaAaAaAargh!!
At least there should be an hour or two where I have the chance to run in the afternoon, or I could take a nap!

There was a high point to this weeks running. At the weekend, towards the end of my long run I met my family in the park, and my daughter joined me for the last 1/2 mile.
She whooped my arse. Just over 4 minutes to cover the distance. She’s 3 and a half.
Poor little lass was knackered at the end, she went flat out to beat me. I admit to trying to catch up and beat her at the end, but she’d just go too much of a lead on me! What impressed me most was that after about 3 minutes sat on a park bench and a few sips of water she was off again, pretending to be a pony, trotting across the grass.