That’s about all I’ll say to the start of the 30 Day Shred.

Who’d have thought I’d get so sweaty & out of breath in just 20 minutes? (Get your mind out the gutter, you  don’t fool me, the most read post on this blog is all about sex!)

All rudeness aside, It was hard (I heard that snigger) The work out near killed me, everything I wore was soaked, and I was shocked at how pathetic I am at Press ups, I even had to do the “modified” version. The horror!

I’m glad I only went with 1kg hand weights, I don’t think that I could have managed with 2kg.

My husband has seen the DVD case & started making comments, I normally don’t tell him about things like this, as in his well meaning way, he offers advice, or more accurately his opinion, and then I get shirty & mardy at him interfering and then I stop doing whatever it was he’s started commenting on to prevent further sulking. Instead I have suggested he try it. I think that may just silence him.

I’m not going topost every day ***athon style, but I may just keep a draft on the go & publish it when I’ve done the Shred.

If you want to Official join #Aug30DS then you have until midnight tomorrow (2nd August 11:59EST to be exact) to head over to Project Jaemie’s site & get your name on the list & run out the shops to get the DVD & hand weights.

Tomorrow I will take the Before Shots, they may, or may not, go up with the final round up.


Good Luck Shred heads, don’t phone it in!