Hopefully, you read my post yesterday, followed the To Do list & you too are an Adrenaline Junkie like me… If you didn’t and you foolishly have to wait until the general release of the tracks on Monday 1st August, here’s what you missed!

On a normal Thursday  evening, around 6pm, I’m trying to hustle my husband into his jeans & out of his suit, I want to pass the parenting buck over to him & run away. Last night I was stalling, I needed to kill time till the 7pm Kick off of Audiofuel’s new tracks.  I made cakes with my daughter, I fed my son, and stalled for a good 10 minutes by properly washing out my water pouch.

I got to the park a little early, and stalled a bit more, checked my trainers, and wiggled my headphones, I wouldn’t want either to cause some sort of wardrobe malfunction and make me miss any of the beats. I’d resisted a sneaky listen before I left, and now I had to admit that the build up was getting to me, this was possibly the most excited I’ve been about running around my park in a long time.

7pm… GO!!!!!!!

It starts with a 160BPM track called Self Belief. I might be wrong, but this is the 1st Audiofuel track with words. Not a voice over, but actual words, lyrics, from Kirsty Hawkshaw.  The words make the track seem deceptively slow, not that that is a bad thing, or that 160 BPM is too fast, but it was a gentle 5 minute start to the run.

The tracks start at 160BMP but they go up to a 190BPM sprint, twice, and while I’m a steady Groovin’ 160’s kinda gal, this was awesome. Proper Awesome!

The Sound of Speed was the stand out track for me, at 166BPM it was a thundering good push.

I admit when I saw the BPM range on the cover shot, I was nervous, worried that it might be too far out my comfort zone, but this was one of the faster tracks, and my fear of charging around the park at 180BPM for 44 minutes was (thankfully) never realised, as the majority of tracks don’t go faster than the Sound of Speed. It’s pitched for a perfect workout.

And Adrenaline Junkie 2 really is a workout, afterwards I felt like I’d gone 10 rounds with Tyson… and I won.

So how far did I go?

5.68km and I shaved 2 minutes off the best 5km time since 2010. Proper Awesome I think you’ll agree!Oh, alright I’ll admit I jumped the 7pm gun slightly, I was excited! Who can blame me?

Here’s the hideous after run shot, taken by my daughter by shoving the phone in my face & shouting “SMILE MUM!”

And you know, contrary to the gormless expression in this photo, I was!